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Don’t Have a Website? Here’s Why You Should Get One

Importance of web presence.

In the technology-driven world that we live in, having a website—whether it is to sell products, showcase portfolios or start campaigns—has become a necessity.

Who would have thought that Bob Dylan’s 1964 song, ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’ would hold good even today? The society we live in continues to undergo unimaginable changes since the rising popularity of the internet in the mid-90s. With the advent of technological advancements, especially in the form of smartphones and tablets, more and more people who previously didn’t have access to the internet are now online. This has completely transformed the way today’s businesses operate. Questions such as ‘Why web presence?’, ‘Why e-commerce?’ or ‘Why a website?’ continue to boggle those who are unaware of the profound significance and far-reaching benefits of being online. Read on to find out why having a website is important in the present-day world.

Welcome to the age of webrooming: The multidisciplinary aspect of the internet makes it a phenomenon. It is what the people turn to for information of any sort, be it local or global, so much so that they expect all information to be readily available on the internet. More often than not, in a trend popularly known as ‘webrooming’, customers research businesses and products online before buying them from brick-and-mortar stores. This is why it is important to have your own exclusive online space where you can display your catalogs and showcase your products. Having a website can substantially increase your customer base, thereby helping you grow your business.

Webrooming is real.

Your website is your marketing tool: A professional, well-designed website can go a long way in garnering trust. It can take up the persona you envision for your business and help towards building brand equity. So, even if your business doesn’t offer e-commerce, having a website can bring in more customers. In addition to being accessible round the clock for customers, business partners or potential employees, it is also the ideal platform to make announcements or run promotions and ads. It is a 24/7 marketing tool for your business. Imagine all the money you could save that would have otherwise been spent on billboards and flyers!

Website Vs social media page: By incorporating analytics tools, you can also find out where your customers came from, where they clicked, what they bought and at what point they left the website – giving you better customer insights which wouldn’t have been possible without a website. At this point, you may wonder why a website is necessary when you can have an online presence by creating a social media page that allows similar analytics. Truth is, most social media analytics are limited and in no way on par with Google Analytics’s offerings.

Get creative with your website.

Creative freedom and google ranking: A website allows creative freedom—to display what you want, where you want, and in whatever way your your audience relates to your business. In other words, only a website gives you the flexibility to structure the content on your site. Another advantage of having a one is that if it has good SEO (Search Engine Optimization), search engines such as Yahoo and Google will automatically rank it high on the search results, thereby increasing the number of people landing on your website. Although social media pages do help with ranking, only by having a website can you make it to the first page!

The bottomline is that social media is good if you want to expand your digital marketing strategies—but limiting your online presence to just that can hinder the growth of your business. Most people who are hesitant about setting up a website for their business are either unsure of how to go about doing it or skeptical about the initial investment. iJugaad offers a single solution to both the problems by providing ready-made websites that users can instantly go live with and price plans to fit any budget. So, set your qualms aside and jump on the internet bandwagon with your very own website today!