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Why You Should Drink Earl Grey Tea

Benefits of drinking earl grey tea

Classically made from black teas, Earl Grey tea is a tea blend to which an extra flavor of the oil extracted from the rind of a bergamot orange is added. The flavor of citrus fruit with black tea has gone down well with consumers and made it rise in popularity.

Found around the globe, Earl Grey Tea is on the menu of posh restaurants as well as small tea shops. It started out by being made only from black teas. But over the years, tea companies have experimented with it and offer earl grey tea as a blend with other varieties like green tea and oolong tea. The citrus flavor provided by the bergamot fruit to earl grey tea makes it unique.

Earl grey tea has been named after the late British Prime Minister, Charles Grey. It is believed that in the 1800s, a Chinese mandarin who was a tea blender gave the recipe for this uniquely flavored tea to King Charles. It was done as a token of gratitude when one of the king’s men rescued the mandarin’s son from drowning.

The quality and taste of earl grey tea depends on various factors like climate, geography of the region where the black tea is grown, amount of bergamot used in the blend and the processing style. Along with the extraordinary flavor and taste, earl grey tea has a host of health benefits.

When you run though the list below, you will find out why you should drink earl grey tea:

Oral health safety.

1. Good for maintaining oral health: Tea naturally contains high levels of catechin. This is a natural antioxidant belonging to the chemical family of flavonoids and keeps away oral infections. Along with this antioxidant, earl grey tea also contains fluoride which protects teeth from cavities and decay.

2. Helps deal with anxiety and depression: The bergamot present in earl grey tea has natural aromatherapy properties that has a calming effect. It also helps to boosts mood in people going through stress, anxiety or depression.

3. Aids digestion: The caffeine in all types of tea and particularly the bergamot in earl grey tea calms an upset stomach as it relieves constipation, nausea and acid reflux. Taken regularly it strengthens the digestive system.

4. Prevents cancer: High amounts of antioxidants present in earl grey tea help our bodies fight free radicals that are responsible for causing diseases like cancer. This is also beneficial in preventing free radicals from damaging the skin and keeps skin looking young and healthy.

High energy from earl grey tea

5. Triggers energy: The caffeine in earl grey tea consumed at noon is just enough to help you feel energetic through the fag end of the day without depriving you of sleep at night. For added benefit, add a few bags of the tea to hot water and use honey and lemon instead of cream and sugar.

6. Helps in weight loss: The presence of citrus extracts in earl grey tea helps in weight reduction. Citrus helps to break down calories and uses them for the metabolic process.

7. Relief from cold: The immune system gets strengthened by the bergamot in earl grey tea. This will naturally prevent cold. Sipping a cup of earl grey tea when having a cold is a natural remedy and provides great relief.

8. Improves heart health: Drinking at least three cups of earl grey tea a day is believed to lower the risk of contracting heart disease. The tea is rich in antioxidants too.

9. Helps to keep body hydrated: The potassium in earl grey tea helps to maintain the fluid balance in the body thus keeping it hydrated. Using honey instead of sugar in the tea makes the beverage more effective.

10. Regulates cholesterol levels: Earl grey tea’s bergamot oil is very effective in reducing the bad LDL cholesterol levels and increasing good HDL cholesterol levels, thus keeping cholesterol imbalance in check.

Earl grey tea is not a curative drink. While you cannot expect miracles from it, you can still advocate it for good health. The idea is to consume it in the recommended normal limits. This way you will enjoy only its health benefits and avoid the side effects like sleeplessness, palpitation and teeth staining which result from excessive use of caffeine.