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Why You Need to Develop an App for Your Business

Why your business needs an app

As of this year, the number of smartphone users across the world has surpassed three billion, and based on the current trends, forecasts suggest a growth of several hundred million in the coming years. Every smartphone comes with a certain real estate and businesses out there are competing with each other to claim this space for themselves. Why? Because an average smartphone user spends close to 3 hours on their smartphone and it is vital for you to be on their app grid irrespective of your app’s usage. Not convinced? Here are a bunch of other truths that could persuade you to develop an app for your business.

An app makes it easier for customers to access your business.

1. Ease of access: It has almost become a necessity for businesses to have their own website these days. But think about the various steps that a user has to go through in order to reach your website. First, they must open their smartphone or laptop, go to their browser, type your businesses URL if they already know it or search for your business’s name in a search engine such as Google, scan through the results until they find the right URL, and then they reach your website. What if you could simplify this process? If you had the power to eliminate the additional steps, wouldn’t you do it? That’s one of the many benefits of developing an app for your business.

Increase sales

2. Increase your sales: Out of a list of big shots from the restaurant business, Starbucks has one of the most frequently used apps. One may wonder what good an app can do to a coffee chain, right? Any Starbucks fan would instantly notice how the Starbucks app is a digital extension of their brick and mortar stores; the UI is clean, and a good user experience is guaranteed. It isn’t difficult to build an app with a clean design and a good user experience, so how does the Starbucks app keep customers coming back for more and more cups of their favorite drinks? Because it offers so much more than just a cup of coffee. From pre-ordering to paying at the counter using the app, Starbucks has incorporated everything a user would wish for into its app, thereby increasing its sales.

Apps are good for businesses.

3. Push notifications are a bonus: Afraid that your app would get pushed to the last screen of a user’s smartphone due to infrequent use? Send a push-notification once in a while to remind them that you exist! Or better still, send them exclusive offers or discounts that will definitely catch their attention. Ensure that you limit your push-notifications to 2-3 a week or your app could overwhelm customers. An irked customer is less forgiving and wouldn’t think twice before uninstalling an app if the number of push notifications becomes annoyingly too much.

Apps create brand awareness.

4. Build brand awareness: If the nature of your business is such that your customers seek you out less frequently than a coffee shop, let’s say, even then a business app is only going to be more advantageous to you. More often than not, app icons tend to be business logos. Even if your app is not being used frequently, your average user is going to chance upon it multiple times a day when they unlock their phones and scroll to find something else. When it happens multiple times, it serves as a subliminal message, leading the smartphone user to recognize your brand, its logo or brand colors the next time they come across it.

An app helps to create loyal customers.

5. Create loyal customers: Another reason for Starbucks’s success is its loyalty program. The more money you spend at Starbucks, the more rewards in the form of stars you get! In other words, they’ve used the psychology of gamification to get you to spend more at their outlets! The reward points allow you to get free in-store refills and get invited to exclusive members-only events. If it is your birthday, you even get a free beverage!

Chances are that your business already has a loyalty program for its patrons. All you have to do is digitize that experience and the best way to go about doing that is with an app. The benefits of having a business app surely outweigh the cost of developing one, especially if you have big dreams for your business.