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Why Is Black the Most Sought-After Color When You Are a Speaker or Presenter?

Wearing black to a conference.

You can never go wrong with black. It’s a color that is versatile, stylish and the best for formal occasions.

I’ve always loved wearing black. It’s my go-to color for most formal occasions (except weddings). Wearing black makes me feel good – professional, well-groomed and confident.

What is it about black that makes it possibly the best color to wear for formal occasions?  And more specifically, to address the topic in question, why wear black for conferences? Conferences are formal occasions where you, as an entrepreneur, are putting your best foot forward, to present yourself to an audience of your peers or potential clients and investors. What you wear and the colors you choose convey an unspoken message. The colors you wear can have a remarkable effect on how people see you. Black is a power color; it symbolizes that you are in control, that you are confident, that you are pro.

As an entrepreneur, you are already working hard to boost your business and inspire credibility. So, when you are attending a conference and speaking, the audience needs to be motivated and persuaded by you. What you wear, apart from what you present and your body language, will certainly play a role. Remember, first impressions count.

So here are some reasons why you should don black when you are speaking or presenting at a conference.

Black never goes out of style, especially at a conference.

Black never goes out of fashion: Yes, black stays a popular choice all year round. While fashionistas will predict the colors for each season, black stays…always. It can be worn year-round. Think of the LBD (little black dress) which every woman is exhorted to own. Look at black tie dinners. They are never going to go out of fashion. So black rules! Wearing a black suit or a black dress or black chiffon sari to a conference means you don’t need to worry about whether you are looking hopelessly outdated!

It’s formal: It goes without saying that black signals formalwear. Be it black tie dinners or an evening out or a conference, chances are black will be the dominant color. There’s something comfortably assuring about black; you wear it and you feel as if you’re all set to face whatever official function you must attend.

Wearing black radiates confidence.

It looks good on everyone: Black is flattering for all body sizes. When you are speaking, the last thing you need to worry about is whether you are looking fat or shapeless. Wear black and you can be assured that it will flatter you, make you look slimmer and more pro. A smartly-tailored black suit, dress or jacket and skirt can work wonders to make you look oh-so-smart. And black suits people of all colors. You don’t have to worry about whether you are looking pasty, too pale or too dark.

Black is chic: Because it never goes out of fashion and because it is flattering, black is stylish. Wear black and by default you look elegant. Accessorize well and you’re good to go. Men can wear a contrasting shirt or a colorful tie for a pop of color. Women can look at stoles, scarves or a contrasting jacket or blouse. And for women, jewelry can play up the beauty of the black outfit.

Black is a neutral color to wear to a conference.

It’s a neutral color: That’s the beauty of black – you can match it with anything! You want to wear full black, that’s fine. You can contrast it with white or even pink, blue, green…the possibilities are endless. Of course, at a conference, one would suggest that neons and over-bright colors to contrast the black are avoided. However, a burst of color like a bright tie or scarf can add glam and oomph to your outfit.

You’ll never look underdressed or overdressed: Thanks to its versatility and universal acceptability, you can rest assured that you can never go wrong with black at a conference. We all do wonder when we are setting out to speak at a conference about whether we will be dressed right. Being overdressed or underdressed is a fear we all have. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Wear black and you can’t go wrong. Even a black tee and black jeans with a jacket or scarf looks semiformal and chic.

Black is the color to wear when you want to influence, reassure or persuade. It rouses credibility and trustworthiness. So, the next time you have to speak or present at conference, take the safe route. Wear black!