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What You Need for a Successful Salon Website

How Your Salon Can have a Trendy Website

Your salon website is your sales pitch to potential customers!

A website is a must for any business in today’s digital era. I guess we all know that! If you own a salon, spa, barber shop, etc, you probably already have a website or plan to get one. Either way, is your website effective? Does it communicate everything you want to your customers and potential customers? Is it easy to use? Is it appealing? All these factors make a difference in how people engage with your brand. Your website needs to be a touchpoint for customers. And in the era of smartphones, it needs to be mobile optimized.

So here, we list out some of the must-haves for your salon website:

Showcase your products and services.

Feature your products and services: That goes without saying, right? But you’d be surprised at how many websites don’t detail what is on offer. All the services you offer, the products you sell and the packages should be clearly detailed with enticing descriptions. This way, the customer can clearly choose what he or she wants. And thanks to the alluring descriptions, you may tempt a customer who is looking for just a mani/pedi into getting a facial too! We would also recommend featuring the prices of your offerings so that a customer knows what he or she will have to shell out.

Showcase your talent: Do you have a fabulous hair stylist? Or a masseur from Thailand? Or a makeup artiste who has worked with film stars? Highlight the talent you have. It will help you attract customers and also tempt many who are wondering whether they should visit your salon or not. For example, hairdressing is a long-term relationship. If you have a skilled hairdresser, you can be assured of repeat customers.

Have a trendy salon website.

Be trendy: Your website design should be contemporary and fresh. No one looks at fuddy-duddy sites! Make the website visually appealing with lots of exciting visuals. Keep the copy matter to the minimum. The beauty industry follows trends. If your website isn’t trendy, customers may wonder whether you are keeping up with current developments.

Have customer testimonials: This is very critical, especially for newer, relatively unknown salons. Let your customers do the talking for you! Their testimonials can attract new customers and sway potential customers away from your competition. They provide a human element to your website.

Online bookings

Offer online appointments: Most people are doing everything on their smartphones, and today’s generation prefers texting to talking. So, they would certainly prefer to book an appointment online rather than having to call. And would like to be instantly notified that the appointment has been fixed. Use a call to action (CTA) like ‘Call Us’ or ‘Book an Appointment Today!’ This can help convert a browser who happened to land on your page into a paying client.

Be informative: Customers need to know the location of your salon, working hours and contact information. That’s how they can engage with you. You could link your location to Google Maps or even have a map on your website.

Start a blog.

Have a blog: Writing on topics about beauty and style, giving tips to readers, will enhance your site. It is a value addition for those who visit your site. It makes you an authority on the subject. It also helps in terms of getting featured on search engines. Which means, your salon could feature high on the list when someone is searching for one in your area. However, remember, it needs to be quality content. So, if you are not a writer, hire a professional content writer who knows SEO (search engine optimization) and is familiar with writing for online portals.

Highlight deals and packages: Who doesn’t like specials? If you have any special offers or packages, draw attention to them on your website. A customer would be drawn to a package offering a bouquet of services that costs him or her less than availing of them individually. But do keep them up-to-date and remove any package or offer that is no longer on offer. Featuring a Diwali special offer well into December will not cut ice!

Don't use stock photos

Don’t use stock photos: If you use generic photos, how does a potential customer know what your salon looks like? Invest in getting professional photographs. Customers like to know what kind of ambience to expect when they visit a salon. By having your own photographs, you can showcase your salon and its setting and feel.

If your website is attractive, easily navigable, packed with information that is useful to customers and is up-to-date, it will most certainly make an impression on potential clients. Keep the above points in mind when you are creating a website for your salon.