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How to Use Cushions to Jazz Up a Room


How to Use Cushions to Jazz Up a Room

Cushions have the ability to jazz up a dull room!

When I started out on married life in the Gulf, there was no question of choosing furniture, I had to make do with what was there in the apartment! It was silk cushions that helped transform my living room, along with a few artifacts I had carried from India.

Cushions come in myriad colors, in different shapes and sizes and can be utilized used to make our home cozy and comfortable. Given below are some tricks to help you dress up your living room, bedroom or kid’s room using cushions. 

In the living room:

  • A neutral colored sofa can be jazzed up with some silk cushions in contrasting shades and shapes.
  • A divan with a silk cover and cushions of different shapes covered with silk embroidered covers bring a rich element to the room.
  • It helps to have two sets so that you have an extra set to rotate.
  • Guests will feel you have revamped your furniture when all you have done is change your cushion covers!
  • To create luxurious yet informal seating, get custom-made plump, large cushions that can be covered in raw silk or ikkat covers.
  • You could also scour shops to find cushions and covers as per your requirements.
  • You could place one large cushion on the ground, with one as a backrest. It adds a comfy, cozy and pretty touch to your living room
  • Two similar cushion arrangements (as mentioned in the previous point) can be arranged with a little lamp in between to create an intimate corner.

In the bedroom:

  • Apart from pillows, pile the bed with cushions; they can be used as a backrest when reading in bed.
  • When selecting a bedspread, buy matching cushion covers at the same time. This way, you can change your cushion covers too during the weekly change of linen.
  • Indian prints like sanganeri and kalamkari work very well in summer.
  • In winter, opt for light silk bedspreads with matching silk cushion covers for a luxe look.

In the kid’s room:

  • While decorating the kid’s room, durability is the key factor.
  • On the bed, use cushions in interesting shapes to decorate the bed. Heart-shaped, bolster-shaped and animal-shaped cushions will add a funky touch.
  • You can use cushions with images from their favorite Disney films.
  • While selecting floor cushions which all kids love to sink into, especially when they have their friends over, choose colors wisely. The darker the better, and make sure the fabric is durable.
  • Choose cushions which have polyester microfiber filling so that they can be dunked in the washing machine regularly.

One last tip: always keep some spare cushions in the house with some fancy covers to be whipped out on that special occasion when you need to add extra charm to your room.

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