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10 Unique Ways to Use Vaseline


If you are asked to recollect a beauty product that you’ve seen on your grandmother’s dresser the prompt answer, in all probability, will be ‘Vaseline’!

Vaseline has been around since decades. It will not be wrong to say that Vaseline has been the timeless, singular answer to soothe chapped skin, heal cracked heels and keep skin moisturized. The best part about it is that its application is not limited to basic skin care alone, but extends to various albeit unique uses. You will be surprised how this multitasking petroleum jelly can put a stop to squeaking doors, help open obstinately tight lids or bring extra shine to your shoes.

Last we checked, we came up with ten unique ways to use this wonder product. Here is the list:

As a lip scrub.

1. As a lip exfoliate: A sure shot way of acquiring rosy lips is by exfoliating them with Vaseline and some sugar granules. Mix a small amount of it with some sugar. Apply on the lips and gently massage in circular moves, then wipe the lips. Head out flashing extra pink lips.

2. For manicures: Vaseline can protect and repair cuticles and keep hands soft. Cuticles become dry and cracked when skin loses moisture. It acts as an effective salve with its non-greasy and light properties to protect and heal dryness. Massage it on your fingernails and nailbed at night and go to sleep covering them with a pair of gloves. Your cuticles and hands will stay moisturized and soft. Apply it to cuticles before polishing them. This will save you clean up time as it will keep the color off the skin around the nails, leaving you with the perfect painted look for your nails.

3. For smooth hair: Vaseline helps tame dry and frizzy hair and also prevents split ends. A small amount of it applied to the hair before brushing it will help undo tangles and make it appear smooth. You can even use the jelly to discipline unruly eyebrows.

Perfumes last longer with vaseline.

4. Helps to hold perfume longer: When you rub Vaseline into your wrist and under your ears before spraying your perfume, the fragrance will last longer. This is because moisturized skin retains fragrances better.

5. As makeup: Vaseline can be used to highlight your face after applying makeup. Dab a little on your high points for a naturally dewy and luminous look. It can also be used to make legs look shiny. Using it to remove eye makeup like mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and also eyelash glue used for false lashes. Vaseline can be used to remove makeup stains from clothes and other materials like bed linen and pillow covers. Rub a little Vaseline into a damp washcloth and use it to clean the stains.

6. Makes ear studs go in smoothly: Inserting ear studs into ears that are not used to wearing them regularly can be painful. This happens with children too as their ear holes are tiny. Rub the ear lobes with Vaseline and dip the needle of the ear studs into it before inserting them. This is a pain-free and smooth way to wear ear studs or earrings.

As a lubricant for wooden doors and cupbaords

7. Acts as a lubricant: If your drawers are hard to open and get stuck every time you use them, it is time to apply some Vaseline to them. It acts as a lubricant and helps the drawers to go in and out smoothly. It can also be used to ease rusted door bolts and latches. Applying Vaseline under the cap of bottles like nail polish will prevent the dried lacquer from making the bottle difficult to open. The polish will stay fresh too.

8: To stop doors squeaking: Vaseline can be used to prevent doors from squeaking. Weather conditions can make wood expand or contract. Rubbing it on the top and bottom of doors will help to close them more smoothly.

9. Helps in the smooth use of zippers: It can be very annoying when zippers on bags or Jeans get stuck. It is always wise to keep them smooth by applying a little Vaseline to avoid inappropriate and untimely inconveniences.

10. Helps to maintain razors: Razors can be made as good as new after every use by applying a thin layer of Vaseline on the blades. But ensure that the razor is completely dry before applying it to prevent rust.

If we have to describe one multitasking cosmetic product on the planet, it has to be Vaseline. Did I say cosmetic? Should I add domestic? Or medicinal? You tell me, I am certainly at a loss for adjectives!