3D artwork on your walls gives them an intense depth and creates a lasting impression on your guests.

So you have bought a new house and are all set to deck it up with personalized designs. Your dream house, with your preferred interiors and furniture, is all set to become a reality. While deciding on what to do with the walls of your house, why not opt for something completely ‘out-of-the-box’ and different? What is that, you may ask. 3D Art, of course!

Three-dimensional Art or 3D Art, as it is commonly known as, is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for decking up walls. 3D art is for those who want something original and eye-catching for their walls in contrast to the usual boring wallpapers or colors.

3D wallpapers are highly recommended by interior designers to clients who want a modern and sophisticated look to their walls. 3D wall art, according to fans, brings out the beauty of the wall, while adding more depth to it. Doing up your house walls with 3D art will make a strong impression and earn praise from everyone who visit your home.

If we have got you interested, why not take a look at some of the trending 3D art ideas for your walls. Here you are:

  • Wall sculptures: Adding beautiful sculptures to your walls will give them the desired 3D effect. These sculptures can be small or big, one or more, depending on the size and space in your homes. You can either opt for modern pieces or adorn the walls with ancient sculptures. Either of these will add to the depth and beauty of your walls.


  • A touch of nature: 3D art can do wonders to your child’s room or a common area. Let your creative side take over and adorn their walls with unique, beautiful 3D creations. You can decorate the wall with exquisite flowers, butterflies, birds…the choices are endless. 3D art will always add that extra zing to your child’s room.


  • Get creative with patterns: 3D art is all about giving shape and form to your creativity, your ideas. A wide variety of patterns are available for you to choose from. These include trees, flowers, gardens, forests, mountains, and much more. You can either make these purchases online or can get them at any nearby DIY shop.


  •  Opt for textures: In addition to patterns, you can also add textures to your walls to get a 3D effect. Simple or monochromatic, textured walls will highlight the beauty of your home.