New year resolutions or goals in notebook

What Are the Top Ten Resolutions?

New Year’s Eve is that time of the year when we are most enthusiastic about making resolutions. But do we carry them through?

Before you make your new list of resolutions this New Year’s Eve, check the ones you made last New Year. If you have been unable to carry them through, prioritize and zero in on the ten most important ones. They will be easier to meet and stick to.

Listed below are ten most common resolutions. Are yours in them?

  1. Losing weight: Getting slim has always been among the top resolutions year after year. Check out for easy weight-loss programs, there are so many to turn to. It will make your resolve easier and fruitful sooner than expected.
  2. Staying fit: Being healthy is not just about losing weight; it is more about being fit. As more people understand the importance of fitness, this resolution has made it to the list more often in recent years. Introduce small and simple lifestyle changes to begin with and you will notice a fitter you.
  3. Spending more time with family: What was once taken for granted has become a wish. Family time has taken a backseat in today’s rat race. It is no wonder that it figures on a resolution list. Making conscious efforts will give you more time with family and help you enjoy life more too.
  4. Quitting smoking: Every New Year, plenty of smokers make the resolution to quit smoking. But sadly, the resolve goes up in air with their smoke. Rope in friends to help, try nicotine replacement therapy; do everything it takes to kick the smoking habit out of your life. See how much you will enjoy a smoke-free life!
  5. Being debt-free: With easy loan schemes, no one is EMI free. But you have to get a handle on your spending. Stick to a resolution of repaying loans faster and cut down on your liability.
  6. Learning a new skill: You might put down this resolution as a fancy but deep down you know you want to try something new and different. Give in to your wish and enroll for that Japanese speaking course or take that piano class. It will give you a new perspective to life.
  7. Getting organized: While some people put down becoming organized on their resolution list, some want it to be staying organized. Organizing is one thing but staying organized is more difficult. Have a plan and do not waver from it. The discipline will help you get more time, more relaxation and more happiness.
  8. De-cluttering: Donating can be the best solution to fulfil the needs of people less fortunate and also clearing your house of clutter. Have a focus and plan. The extra cutlery, the extra mugs, your old but still going strong pan can go to your domestic help. The faded bedsheet and old newspaper stacks can go to your watchman. The clothes your children outgrew go to your istriwallah’s grandchildren. Do this about twice every year.
  9. Being positive: Putting this down in the list of resolutions may seem unnecessary but it is definitely the main mantra in life.
  10. Monitoring: This is by far the most important resolution. Making resolutions is easy, monitor closely to see that you do not break them.