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Tips for Successful Digital Marketing

Successful digital marketing tips

Whether you are doing a business or you would like to promote a website or engage through social media, the power of digital marketing cannot be ignored because remarkable technological advancements are impacting every interaction in every which way today. And that’s a good reason to focus on a well-planned digital marketing strategy!

First and foremost, we need to get down to brass tacks before kicking off our digital marketing.  And for this you need to have a clear and focused plan for meaningful results. So, start with the blueprint first and then get down to business.  Here are a few top tips for effective digital marketing:

  • Digital marketing activity should be integrated into your overall marketing plan for achieving your goals. Your digital marketing strategy should clearly give out details such as your brand, key messages, etc and at the same time should go hand in hand with your other marketing activities.
  • The best way to engage with existing as well as prospective customers or promote your brand or expertise is to take complete advantage of social media, which offers a variety of platforms. Open accounts and keep updating them consistently.
  • It is wise to ensure your marketing campaign is compatible with a variety of devices, especially smartphones. So think of developing a functional and responsive website across laptop, tablet and mobile. Also develop a range of online marketing materials.

Mode of communication should be clear.

  • Clear modes of interacting with your clients/prospective clients or subscribers should be laid out whether it is through a website, e-mail, calls, etc.
  • Define your audience and use content marketing tools like Canva and ensure your message is tailored to suit the audience.
  • Remember, the attention span of the average browser today is about seven seconds and you have to make an impact within that time. Visual marketing has proven to be highly effective for storytelling and snaring customers.
  • If you are using online forms for customers, asking too much information is a big NO! Stick to basic information and use your own marketing techniques to glean more information.
  • Ensure that your site is placed on a high rank in platforms such as Google search. SEO plays an important role in facilitating online presence at the top.
  • Select the right keywords for Search Engine Optimization. Too broad SEO keywords would mean greater competition and will make it harder for customers to find your business.

Online reviews matter.

  • You need to take online reviews seriously and if there are negative reviews about any one particular issue, it is important to take immediate steps to rectify it. Feedback loop between customers and business is important.
  • Despite the fact that many get put off receiving unsolicited e-mails, email still plays an important role in creating brand awareness and recognition. So let e-mail marketing be a part of your digital strategy too.
  • Link building is a great way to spread your dragnet wide. Ensure that your website gets linked to other sites such as those of your clients, friends in the same business, etc. Google by itself picks up organic links and pushes up your credibility.
  • Widen your network by becoming a member of different network organizations. Attend events and exhibitions.
  • Use the analysis tools available in social media diligently that report on the reach as well as engagement of your campaigns. You can also monitor visitors to your site by using Google Analytics which is free.
  • For a good ROI on digital marketing, data-driven strategy is the best first foot forward. Monitor digital media for information. Also analyze your channel’s performance and manage the content life cycle diligently. Use data analysis and measurement tools to provide you real-time updates and in-depth analysis of the industry trends.

Invest in market research

  • To aid analysis, use market research. You can carry out your own market research using open or mobile surveys, email campaigns and marketing tools to help enrich your content as well as social media program.
  • A smart move is to focus on engaging content rather than quality content. Engaging content is trendy and makes it shareable. Engaging content including blogs, images, videos and articles which evoke reactions from people who read, like and share the content with their network. For content such as e-books, e-guides as well as Ppt content, the number of clicks on the content as well as downloads determine their engagement level.
  • To create engaging content, it is important to refine the content of your site based on audience feedback.
  • Widen your reach by optimizing your audience by sponsoring your updates and also by reaching multiple channels such as blogs, email, podcast, social media and websites.
  • Also remember, customers enjoy personalized experiences and would like to share their feedback, complaints and suggest solutions. Therefore, always combine personalized marketing as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Recent trends clearly point to the fact that modern marketing is about delivering what the users want, in the way they want and in the form they like. Hence understand your customers and design touchpoints keeping this mantra in mind. Your digital marketing will then be a surefire success!

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