It’s Time for New Year Resolutions!

Everyone’s getting ready to welcome the New Year with a lot of fun and excitement. And our New Year Resolutions are not far behind. So, what do you have up your sleeve? We did go scouting for some popular young Indians in different fields and asked them how resolutions have worked for them. And we were floored by their enthusiastic disclosures!

A New Year Resolution that has worked

Sakshi Malik, Olympic Medallist, Wrestler

Twelve years ago, I made a resolution as a little girl of twelve and every year, that has been my resolution till I finally succeeded. I developed faith in myself due to the belief my grandfather, a wrestler, and my coaches had in me and due to their support and encouragement I dreamed big. I started believing in myself, ‘Yes! I can do it’. I strongly believe, whatever your field, if you work tirelessly towards your goal with single-minded focus and dedication and believe in yourself, the best outcome will happen. I wish everyone a Happy New Year; a year that would be auspicious and bring a lot of happiness and success!

Amish Tripathi, Author

I’m not so sure about New Year Resolutions. I believe if you would want to do something you do not wait till the end of the year to do it, but would just go ahead and do it. The key thing is when something does not work in life, you resolve it immediately and do not wait till the end of the year. When you decide on things to do, you take charge of your life and start working on it. That’s it. I convey my New Year wishes to everyone and wish this New Year helps you to go further ahead in life and hope you find a lot of happiness, joy and love, because that’s what matter in life.

Hansika Motwani, Actor

For me, every day is like a New Year. Every day, I look forward to doing something and do not wait till the New Year dawns. Every year I think I should work harder the next year, do good movies and meet the expectations of the audience. And I believe I have been successful in my resolve to better and better.  I take this opportunity to thank my audience, without whose support I would not have reached where I have today and also thank the entire film crew for being with me. I would like to tell my young friends that they should be strong from inside and they are bound to get success in whatever they want to achieve.

Rohini Rau, Sailor, Doctor

My New Year resolutions are usually quite generic and are more or less the same every year! I believe:

  • Remember, whatever happens, happens for the best! And usually there is a reason that you probably don’t know yet!
  • Be prepared for the unexpected!
  • Always be thankful for everything that comes to you!

I have been truly lucky to have a lot of my dreams and wishes come true! But one of them that did come true was finishing my MBBS and marrying my best friend on January 20, 2016!

Preethi Shenoy, Author

Most people make resolutions to lose weight or exercise more and they find that by March, those resolutions have vanished like the New Year bonhomie.

I have never made resolutions like those. I do make resolutions but I don’t wait for a new year to implement them. The time is now.

One of the things that has worked for me is choosing not to focus on negative people or negativity. Especially on social media, where there are no filters and they say anything that’s on their mind without pausing to think. You cannot control others but what you can do is control your thoughts. I ‘block’ people – the ones who drain me – mentally.

That keeps me in a happy zone.

P R Sreejesh, Captain, Indian Hockey

2017 will be a great year for all of us to achieve, to prove. And for our hockey team too. This year our team will work hard together to bring out the best in us and be in top form. I believe resolutions are all about hard work. I never give up, never look back or cry for things that did not work out. For me it’s all about goals, you get one, then you go for the next. I believe if you are willing to work hard, nothing is impossible. If you desire a goal with passion and keep on trying, you will surely achieve it successfully. I wish everyone a very Happy and a Great New Year!

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