Think Before Getting a Dog

Think Before Getting a Dog

Having a dog requires time, care and responsibility on the part of the owner

It is very common for people to buy or pick up dogs. It could be because you love dogs or the children are after you to get them one or you feel that you will be more protected with a guard dog at home. Whatever the reasons, raising a dog is a full-time commitment, so be prepared for that. A dog needs plenty of love, attention, care and grooming. Someone in the household needs to take on the responsibility of caring for the dog. It is criminal to bring a dog home and then neglect it. Also, if you plan to have a dog and then keep it chained all day, it is downright cruel.

Think Before Getting a Dog1Very often people bring dogs home on an impulse and then realize that they cannot take care of it. The dog is then given away or, sadly, many people just abandon the dog on the road. Think carefully about all the pros and cons of keeping a dog, before you take the plunge. As mentioned earlier, dogs need love and care – it is almost like bringing up a child. A neglected dog will chew up things in the house or may even turn ferocious. Factor in the expenses that will be incurred – medicines, injections, food, grooming products and toys.

Dogs require regular exercise. Be sure that there is someone to take them out for walks at least thrice a day (if you do not have a compound at home). Even if you have a compound, a dog needs to be taken for a long walk daily. Do you have space in your home? If you live in a tiny apartment, it would be cruel to keep a large dog like a German Shepherd or a Doberman.

Dogs are very special animals. They give you unconditional love.  A dog can be your closest friend, a much-loved family member and a hard-working companion. Research has also shown that owning a pet can have measurable health benefits. It has revealed that adults and children are more relaxed in the presence of a friendly dog and that pet owners suffer less minor health problems such as headaches, backaches, colds and flu, insomnia and general tiredness than non-pet owners.

Think Before Getting a Dog2Owning a dog carries extensive responsibilities and obligations to the animal. Decide if you’re ready for the responsibility of dog ownership before you bring one home.

Ask yourself these questions before bringing home a dog:

  • Do I (or anyone else in the family) have the time to properly care for the dog, including regular exercise, grooming and training?
  • Can I afford the veterinary costs and food?
  • Is my house appropriate for the size of dog I wish to own?
  • Do I have someone to care for my dog when I go on holiday? Can I afford to board my dog in a kennel when I go out of town?
  • Am I willing to keep a dog for 10 years or more? (Average life span of a dog).

If you have positive answers for these questions, and believe you’re able to fulfil these requirements, go ahead and get yourself a loving dog.

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