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The Importance of Staying Optimistic as an Entrepreneur

Pitfalls and setbacks are a given for entrepreneurs. So, optimism in large doses is what you need!

“Entrepreneurs might get labeled as thrill-seekers and risk-takers, but both archetypes are actually deeply moored by a sense of blind optimism. Say what you will about the maniacs who strap on wing-suits and jump off mountaintops, but ‘pessimist’ likely isn’t one of them.” – Scott Painter, Founder & CEO, Fair.

Following your dreams and becoming an entrepreneur is exhilarating but scary too. While on the one hand, you are excited to be doing what you love and are passionate about, on the other hand, fear of failure and monetary worries could besiege you. But, when you decided to take the plunge as an entrepreneur, you knew the road to success would be a rocky, boulder-strewn path.

So, do you see the glass as half empty or half full as you navigate the tricky waters of entrepreneurship? Are you filled with optimism as you face challenge after challenge? Or do you wake up wondering whether you’ve made a huge mistake and wishing you could call it quits?

Attitude and the way we look at things is so important in life. And where entrepreneurship is concerned, it could be one of the key factors for success. Reggie Bradford, Senior VP, Startup Ecosystem and Accelerator says, “Optimism, in fact, is as much a key to success as having a great idea. When you’re building a company, raising capital, hiring employees, and selling to customers, all of them bet on you and your brand. The enthusiasm that comes from your optimism is what people are getting behind. If it’s not there, if you don’t show you believe in the idea and the potential, then you won’t attract them.”

So, here are some reasons to stay optimistic on your entrepreneurial journey:

Optimistic people tend to be more successful.

Optimists are more successful: Research has shown that optimistic people work harder. And when you work harder, you are more likely to succeed. Plus, when you look at the world with hope and embrace challenges, chances are that you will not quit at the slightest setback. Optimists tend to persevere because they believe that they can surmount their problems.

Optimists energize others: When you are running your own business, you are the captain of the ship and people will look up to you for direction. If you are positive and gung-ho about your business, that passion and positivity trickles down to your team.

Optimistic people are more healthy.

Optimists tend to be healthier: We’ve all read or heard about the mind-body connection. When you are constantly battered by life’s challenges and get stressed, depressed or decide to quit, it takes a toll on your health – physically and mentally. Optimism helps you to focus on a solution to a problem rather than stressing yourself out about the problem.

Optimists are more creative: When you are running your own enterprise, creativity plays a big role. You are there in the middle, struggling to get your business up and running or working hard to make it a success. You need to think out of the box and come up with creative ideas to make your product or service stand out. The future can be scary or can be exciting. As an entrepreneur, the more you embrace these challenges positively, the more likely you are to succeed.

Optimistic people tend to plunge into action.

Optimists plunge right ahead: Starting your own business is a truly scary proposition and you need nerves of steel and a prayer on your lips! And most of all, you need hope and confidence, which comes naturally to an optimist. Optimists tend to believe in themselves and are positive that their venture will succeed, and they will do what it takes to make their venture a success because they truly have hope.

Optimists are persistent: When you are so sure that you will succeed, you embrace life with passion, a sense of self-assuredness and hard work. And that’s what optimists do. They stay on course even if they must stumble on obstacles every once in a way. Their will to succeed and their optimism spurs them on.

An optimistic man is resilient.

Optimists are resilient: Even if they face failure, which most entrepreneurs are likely to experience, optimists don’t give up. They are so sure that they will succeed, that the glass is indeed half-full, that they persevere and bounce back after every bump in the road. Utpal M. Dhokalia, Professor of Marketing at Rice Brown University says, “Thinking positively encourages optimistic people to think more broadly which in turn allows them to be flexible and open to new ideas. They can move on more quickly and to better quality ideas. Pessimists, on the other hand, tend to be narrow-focused in their thinking. While this may be helpful under some circumstances, it will hold you back if you are trying to bounce back from a business failure.”

Embrace your entrepreneurial path with optimism. You know you are going to face obstacles on the way. Stay positive, it really helps. As Bradford says, “I got some advice a long time ago that I still follow: don’t get too high on the highs, and don’t get too low on the lows. The problems you’re facing today aren’t that big in terms of life. Life, your business, is a marathon. Try to have people around you who are mentors, who support and believe in you. And keep that optimism.”