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The Importance of Maintaining the Right Posture at Work

posture matters

Good posture is probably the best way to convey confidence in the workplace…

Stand up straight! Don’t slouch in your chair. Stop hunching! We’ve heard this often enough from our teachers and parents when we were kids. Well, they were right! Good posture makes such a difference to our lives – in terms of our health and also in how we are perceived. So, what is good posture? Well, it’s basically about sitting or standing erect without slouching or hunching or leaning against a wall or an armrest for support.

Most of us are guilty of poor posture at some time or the other. Don’t we love to lay back in a comfy chair with our feet up while watching TV?  Or slouching in a chair while eating food. Or hunching over a laptop or the phone? When we are standing and talking to someone, we tend to lean against a wall or take the support of a chair. Over time, if we are not careful, bad posture becomes a habit and soon, you will start walking with a hunch or slouching most of the time.

So become aware of your posture, especially at the workplace. You are an entrepreneur. You run your own business. You are trying to grow that business. And for that you need to make a good impression. How you carry yourself makes a huge difference in how people perceive you.

Here are some reasons why maintaining good posture at the workplace is important:

Maintain the right posture

It is good for your health: More and more people are complaining about backache, shoulder pain, arm pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg pain and more. Why? Because of poor posture. If you sit with your laptop at a desk in an ergonomically correct chair, chances are you will not get any aches and pains. But if you sit on your bed with the laptop in your lap and hunch over it to do your work, then you are at risk of back pain, eye problems, joint pain and more.

Mediatte to clear your mind.

You will breathe better: When you slump and slouch, you constrict your airways and that affects your breathing. As per yoga, breathing is very important for our health and well-being. So, if you are breathing incorrectly, then chances are it will affect your health in the long run. And when you strain to breathe, it causes discomfort too.

Right posture prevents indigestion.

You digest your food better: Constricting your stomach muscles owing to poor posture affects your digestion. You are putting pressure on your internal organs and this in turn can cause hernia, acid reflux or constipation. Acid reflux and constipation can make one extremely uncomfortable and that discomfort will affect your productivity.

You will look better.

You look better: And that, for an entrepreneur, is important. Because you need to look confident and brimming with good health for your clients, customers and stakeholders to have confidence in you. If you meet someone who is hunched and slouching as opposed to someone who is standing upright and confident, who would you think is the more efficient of the two? When your posture is good, you come across as more professional.

So whether it is for your health and well-being or to look more confident and attractive, maintaining good posture at the workplace (and even at home), will make a positive difference.