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Ten Ways to Be Likeable

Ten Ways to Be Likeable

Ten Ways to Be Likeable

Being liked and having friends – one or many – are what validate our existence. Here are a few tips to cultivate qualities that can make you popular.

To be popular or be ourselves? This can be a big dilemma for many of us. Human beings are social animals and even the most introverted person needs at least one friend they can turn to. What then to say of extroverts?

It may seem having friends is the easiest. But believe you me, making acquaintances may not be difficult. What’s tough is retaining them and getting an acquaintance to become a friend.

Ten Ways to Be Likeable1The key is to be likeable, to be welcomed wherever we go, and to be able to call a friend on a whim without the formality of fixing an appointment first.

Here are a few, quick suggestions that can make you likeable:

  • First, let’s resolve the dilemma – there are no two ways about it; be yourself. Be your natural self. Be your natural, positive self. That does not mean trying to appease all and sundry, but believing in yourself.
  • This brings to our next point – be confident. It is difficult to be liked by all at all times. The point of being likeable is not to always be in the good books of everyone but to be respected. Self-respect is one of the most valued qualities in any individual.
  • Those with self-respect also tend to respect others. Whatever your opinion about another person, keep it to yourself. Respect begets respect.
  • Don’t run off your mouth criticizing and complaining. The popular saying, “It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool rather than open it and remove all doubt,” is timeless advice.
  • Be friendly and warm. Be like sunshine instead of making your environment gloomy. Everybody has problems, so don’t make a saga of yours.
  • But in an effort to be the center of attention, don’t become boastful. Be modest about achievements and acknowledge the contribution of all those who had a hand in your success.
  • Be empathetic and helpful. Put yourself in the shoes of others, understand their troubles and help where you can.
  • Gossiping is fun, no doubt, but it speaks more about you than about the person you are gossiping about. You sound untrustworthy and judgmental. While your ‘friends’ may enjoy laughing with you, they will also never be free and open with you.
  • Humor, seeing the lighter side of life, evoking laughter without hurting anyone or being bitchy will automatically draw a crowd around you. Wit is a mark of intelligence too, which is a highly appealing quality.
  • Let your hair down with friends, but also know when to pull your socks up and get down to work. Focused, determined people are taken more seriously than those who party all the time. People who know how to balance work and party can keep friends more easily.