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Ten fun things to do on Diwali

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Ten fun things to do on Diwali

Diwali is celebrated by one and all irrespective of age or religion. Apart from the religious significance of the festival, it’s a time for fun and bonding with near and dear ones. Here are some ways to have fun during the festival of lights.

  • But naturally, the first thing would be lighting fireworks. The market is flooded shutterstock_84131419-convertedwith a remarkable range of choices. So rush to the nearest fireworks shop and take your pick. Light sparklers and dance around with them, send off a few rockets, get mesmerized by the swirling chakras and captivated by the beauty of dazzling flower pots. But avoid noise-inducing fire crackers. Remember to think of the old, the sick and all the helpless animals and birds. Let’s enjoy Diwali without ruining it for others.
  • Gorge…yes gorge! Be it sweets, murkus, chocolates, dried fruit, chocolates, pastries or even biryani. Have a feast. After all, nothing like a festival to shutterstock_324912671forget about diets, calories and all those boring rules. It’s one day you can indulge!
  • Go out and meet friends and family. Reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a long while. You will not only be greeted by the happy smiling faces of loved ones but will also be treated to plenty of goodies!
  • Throw a party. Have a potluck party and invite friends over. Play peppy dance music, light up diyas and candles to usher in the Diwali feel and let your hair down.
  • shutterstock_367012244Gamble the night away. This is one night you can indulge without feeling guilty…and if you are lucky enough to win, well, then you go home richer!
  • Indulge in retail therapy. Splurge on new clothes and accessories. Check out the sales in town and get yourself a brand new TV or refrigerator or the latest mobile you’ve been eyeing.
  • Chill out on your terrace with a glass of wine or a mug of beer in the evening and watch the city come alive with lively fireworks. It’s a truly beautiful sight!
  • shutterstock_218728540Spring clean your house. Does that sound like a chore? Pump up the music and get everyone in the family to chip in. Assign each one their duties and then just immerse yourself in getting your house spick and span. Once you see the results, you are bound to feel blissed out! You could even go for a makeover – string fairy lights, bring out the vases and fill them with flowers, draw kolams wherever you can, light up diyas in every nook and corner.
  • Treat yourself to something special – it could be a film you’ve been longing to see or a massage or dinner at a favorite restaurant or even a long drive to Mahabalipuram and back.
  • If fireworks and festivities are not your cup of tea, take the opportunity to just relax at home in front of the TV. Put your feet up, munch on some Diwali goodies, sip a single malt Scotch and chill!



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