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Teach Your Children How to Care for the Environment

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Teach Your Children How to Care for the Environment

Children need to learn the importance of caring for the environment…

As warnings of global warming make headlines regularly, we should be rightfully worried about our environment. We are duty bound to teach our kids means to prevent hazards to the environment.

Begin at home: Schools today are big into recycling and waste management. This is because children have a right to live in a healthy and green environment. Teaching them to care for the environment in small ways allows them to learn about green living.

Be the role model: Children learn from observing. If you turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth and turn off the light every time you leave the room, they will do the same. This will teach them the importance of saving water and conserving power.

Avoid plastic: Make the switchover from plastic to cloth. Allow children to remind you to carry a cloth bag every time you go to the store. Applaud them for their reminders.

Gardening projects: Work together in the garden with your children. Hand them a small shovel and allow them do the digging and planting. Let them delight in seeing the plants they tended bear flowers or fruit. You can get them to make organic composts for their plants with vegetable peels and leftovers.

Recycle, reuse, reduce: Teach children the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing waste. Have different bins for paper, plastic and organic waste. Make reusing an interesting and rewarding project. Use old paper for gift wrapping, make goody bags with magazine covers and reuse jam jars as water glasses. Your child will be surprised and jubilant with the outcome of such ideas.

Biking and walking: Choose a bike instead of a car to go to a nearby store or bank. Encourage your children to walk to their friends’ place or cycle to the bookstore. Tell them how much gas they will save and how much pollution they avoid thereby.

‘Green’ gifts: Instead of picking up that toy car or doll for your child’s birthday, give them a gift voucher, duly signed by you, for a camping or hiking trip. Be sure to take them out on that trip within a month at most to keep the excitement of the gift from waning.

When caring for the environment is an intrinsic part of their growing years, children are bound to be more responsible and compassionate towards it as adults.