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Stay Positive, Stay Happy

After a complicated brain tumor surgery twenty years back, I was recuperating in bed. While I was physically weak, my brain remained very active. It was then that I restored my long-lost habit of writing. In two decades, I have written more than 15,000 articles. I picked up the threads of my life and managed a demanding family of two active girls who are young and independent women today and a near-absent corporate executive husband.

Why should you Stay Positive?

Staying positive helped me recover from a near-fatal and debilitating condition and kept me active. Negative and stressful situations happen to everyone all the time. Learning the power of positive thinking is all it takes to rise above extenuating circumstances. Negative attitudes trigger several physical and mental ailments.

You can do almost all that you aspire to, if you stay positive. And here’s how you go about it:

  1. stay-positive1When faced with a challenging situation, switch to a cerebral mode instead of reacting emotionally. Focusing on how to deal with the situation will keep emotional reactions at bay.
  2. Seek help and discuss your problems from a solution-oriented viewpoint with positive people and those who understand you. This will help you develop a more grounded perspective of the situation.
  3. View the issue dispassionately with a different perspective and try to find a way out.
  4. Look at the positive side of negative situations or contemplate on how you can change the negative to a positive situation, like I used my transient immobility to start writing.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people always. Create a positive and motivating environment.
  6. Avoid negative people, people who may place you in difficult situations, talk about you behind your back, exploit or take advantage of you or have the habit of putting you or your achievements down. Avoid gossipmongers!
  7. Stay active, do regular exercises that will trigger your ‘feel good’ factor by releasing endorphins.
  8. Yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques will help keep you calm. stress-free and positive.
  9. Recount positive memories, situations and people. Acknowledge and express gratitude for the positive aspects of your life.
  10. For those in the habit of beating themselves up mentally, retraining is essential. Stop talking negatively to yourself or encouraging negative thoughts or insecurities.
  11. Learn to forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. And you can always correct your mistakes or make up for the faux pas.
  12. Practice the power of positive thinking by replacing every negative thought with a positive one till your brain starts picking up positive cues.
  13. Read inspiring human interest stories.
  14. Improve your outlook to life.
  15. Sometimes slowing down will help dispel stress and quell negative thoughts.
  16. Kindness and love play a huge role in keeping people positive. Sharing love with your family members, pets and close friends is motivating.
  17. Add value to someone else’s life even if it just means listening to them, or giving a pep talk. You will feel good.
  18. stay-happySpread positivity, inspire and motivate others and remain cheerful. Humor is a sure-fire positivity stimulator.
  19. Watch humorous movies, listen to music and indulge in your favorite pastime like reading, dancing, painting, crafts, sports, team games and play, etc.
  20. It is important to eat healthy and sleep well.
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Swati Amar
Swati Amar calls herself ‘the write person’ precisely because she claims her brain starts functioning only when her fingers dance over the computer keyboard. Gripped by an obsessive compulsion to write, her day is incomplete until she has ‘keyed’ in a few lines. Moving from counting money as an erstwhile banker in State Bank of India, Swati has been counting words for more than fifteen years. She has contributed copiously to various print and online publications in English and Tamil, numbering over 15K articles on varied subjects. Swati Amar swears allegiance to the Chennai Press Club and prides on her experience as a media entrepreneur and consultant, never losing a ‘write’ opportunity. Swati’s favorite pastime is to watch News on television, read, revel in melody, doodle and dawdle and follow the footsteps of global chefs when time permits. She believes that a good laugh peps up one’s life! And the write words too…