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10 Skincare Tips For Men

You will look better.

It’s not just women who want to look good these days. Men are taking their skincare regimen seriously in equal measure. Here are some quick and easy grooming tips for the busy man of today.

When you set out to work, facing a busy day ahead, thinking about skincare would be the last thing on your mind. But the pressures of modern life, including late nights of socializing, the early morning rush to work and higher pollution levels all around, take a heavy toll on your skin. Everyone knows the importance of setting a good impression at work and on the social scene with your peers. So, no matter how busy you are, it’s important to take a little time off and indulge in some quick and easy skincare essentials that will keep you looking and feeling younger and healthier.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and a regular skincare routine will keep acne, redness, wrinkles and infections at bay. Daily and regular skincare acts as a great preventive measure against future health concerns. If you think that a good skincare regimen is a costly affair, then think again. What you need to follow are the basic steps of cleansing, moisturizing, skin protection and maintenance.

Here are some tips:

A man cleansing his skin.

1. Cleansing: This is a very important and basic part of skincare. Every morning, it’s important to set aside five minutes to cleanse the skin with a suitable cleanser or face wash. As far as possible, avoid soaps and surfactant-based cleansers as they affect the skin’s PH level, says beautician Latha Mohan.

2. Choosing the right cleanser: Choosing a suitable men’s facial cleanser or face wash is an important first step in skincare. Make your choice based on your skin type – which maybe oily, dry, normal or combination skin. Taking the advice of a skin expert at your local salon would easily help you decide your skin type. Washing your face first thing in the morning helps to remove impurities and dullness, giving your face a fresh glow.

Skincare for men.

Latha Mohan, the founder of Oryza Spa, says that ideally, oily skin should be cleansed thrice a day. This is because the oily skin surface tends to retain pollution and dust particles, which could clog the pores resulting in acne and other skin irritants. She recommends gel-based cleansers especially those with chamomile and tea tree oil.

She says dry skin can be extra sensitive so it should be cleansed with lotion-based cleansers, preferably those with glycolic acid, lactic acid and aloe vera, which would have a softening effect on the skin.

Combination skin type usually has a T-zone, which means the forehead, nose and chin areas are oily while the rest of the face tends to remain dry. Most of the products have the skin type clearly mentioned and you need to choose the right one depending on your skin. So, choosing the right product is half the work done. While cleansing, make sure you rub your face in circles and not vigorously. Needless to say, facial skin is very sensitive and you don’t want it to sag or lose its texture, do you? When you are done, pat your face dry without rubbing. Stretching the skin could lead to wrinkles sooner than you think!

Exfoliate for good skin.

3. Exfoliation: This is an important part of your skin care routine. Skin should be exfoliated once a week to remove the dead cells which gather in greater measure thanks to the pollution we are exposed to in daily life. If you have oily skin, Latha recommends that you choose a mild scrub, without granules. If you find that your skin is becoming red or irritated, it’s time to cut back on the exfoliation.

4. Moisturising: After a safe shave, it is always recommended to use a proper moisturizer. Latha feels that dry and dehydrated skin should be healed with a proper serum, preferably with shea butter, cocoa butter or almond oil for both day and night. But if you have oily skin, make sure you avoid creamy moisturizers, which would only make your skin oilier and clog the pores. If you have oily skin and are prone to acne, it’s better to go in for water-based products. Most experts agree that its best to apply your moisturizer when the skin is slightly damp so that the moisture is sealed in. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water during the day will also help your skin stay young and glowing.

Sun protection for men.

5. Sun protection: While the sun is an important source of Vitamin D, it should be remembered that too much of a good thing can be harmful. Moreover, at certain times of the day, the sun can be really harsh on the skin, leading to not only tanning but also skin-related health issues and faster aging. So, wearing sun protection creams is a good idea. Men too should use sunscreen and sun-protective products when they go out in the sunlight to stay shielded against the harmful rays of sun. For those with sensitive skin, Latha recommends the use of waterproof and paraben-free sunscreen lotions. Men with oily skin should use sunscreen which is either lightweight or has a gel-like texture. It is generally believed that a sunscreen lotion with raspberry seed oil prevents the skin from tanning. Choose your sunscreen carefully depending on with the right SPF factor for your skin, level of sun exposure and weather conditions.

6. Skin Maintenance: While cleansing exfoliation and protection of your skin are necessary, it’s also a good idea to indulge in skin maintenance every once in a while. This helps your skin to stay young and rejuvenated. Stress and pollution can leave your skin looking dull and lifeless and cause wrinkles to set in before time. So, a few maintenance procedures would go a long way in keeping skin supple and soft. Latha Mohan feels that a skin facial can be done once in 20 days at a good spa or skincare salon. But if you have oily or sensitive skin, make sure you consult an expert at your salon before you indulge in a facial. You don’t want any oily creams or massages rubbing your sebaceous glands, resulting in more oil secretion and clogged pores! A fruit facial is healthy for your skin. Most beauty parlors have a variety of facials that you can choose from. Stay relaxed and enjoy the experience; it will go a long way in soothing your skin.

Eye cream for men.

7. Night care for your skin: Before going to bed, it is really important that you get rid of all the impurities from your skin so that it can breathe easy in the night. If you notice a pimple, do not pop it, for the pus can spread and further damage the surrounding areas. Your nighttime routine should consist of cleansing and moisturizing your face before going to bed. In fact, it’s a must, as skin relaxes during nighttime.

8. Use an eye cream: Puffy eyes, dark circles and crow’s feet around the eyes are common problems many men face, making them look tired and older. The best way out is to use a suitable eye cream before going to bed, just after you wash your face. Repeat the same after you wash your face in the morning. Consult your salon expert on the right cream depending on what your problem is. Dab a small amount on your pinky finger and smooth it in the area under your eyes with light strokes. Continue to dab it lightly around your eye socket area, till the bottom of your eyebrows. Make sure you don’t press hard on the sensitive skin around your eyes, which may cause more harm than good!

Exercise regularly.

9. Sleep well and exercise right: Remember, that all the skincare regimens you indulge in will enhance your looks only if you make it a point to get a good night’s sleep. Stress is a key factor in skin damage, which not only takes a toll on your skin but also sends your hormones levels into a tizzy. This can have a cascading effect on your skin, making it prone to wrinkles and acne. So make sure you sleep well every night and get rid of all the pent-up stress. A good exercise regimen also goes a long way in getting the glow back.

You are what you eat.

10. You are what you eat: No skincare regimen can be complete without adequate steps to take care of your diet. A good diet comprising fresh fruits and vegetables goes a long way in keeping your skin fresh, supple and glowing, keeping aging at bay.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, check out your skin type and head to your favorite salon or spa for an appointment with a skincare expert. Also, take some time to read up on the various products available in the market. Once you have a list of recommended products, then head to the nearest shopping mall and indulge in some happy hours of shopping for your face. Take time to read the instructions and ingredients before you buy. Once you are ready, start your new skincare regimen right away and enjoy the results!