skin care

Skin Care, Naturally!

The skin is the largest body organ weighing 3.6 kilograms and measuring 2 square meters! So, it’s important we take care of it. Beautician Veena Kumaravel gives us tips on natural ways to take care of our skin.  

Veena Kumaravel and her husband CK Kumaravel are founders of the largest beauty salon chain in India, the Naturals Beauty Salon India Private Limited, which has established four brands including Natural Unisex Salons, Naturals Lounge, Naturals W and P3 Luxury Salons. Naturals has ushered international beauty trends in India and created a unique blend of global grooming practices with Indian charm to suit the modern Indian woman. Established 17 years ago, Naturals has revolutionized the beauty and franchising industry with over 550+ salons spread across India and has created over 400 women franchise partners and trained over 1,00,00 staff. Naturals has a whopping 30 lakh+ customers!

Veena Kumaravel believes in beauty care using natural methods and products. “The skin is the best personal radar system as it send signals about the status of your nutrition, sleep and exercise, permitting you to take necessary actions to maintain your health. Your skin is as individual as your fingerprint and needs to be treated as such. Basic skin care need not be high tech; just understanding your skin needs and using products accordingly should help keep it healthy,” says Veena.

Points to remember

  • The skin functions differently during the day and in the night.
  • The skin works on a protection mode; it produces more sebum (oily substance) which has antioxidants, to shield it from the damaging effects of the sun. Hence, your skincare regime should emphasize on protection.

Here are a few skin care tips, the Naturals way:

Daytime skincare regimen

  • The first cleanse in the morning is the most important grooming essential because while the body is resting during the night, the skin works hard to remove the dead cells. Use a mild soap or a face wash in the morning to cleanse your facial skin.
  • Don’t cleanse your face more than three to four times a day. Cleaning often will strip the skin of its moisture.
  • Use a good moisturizer. It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, you need to replace the moisture lost during cleansing. The moister your skin, the greater would be the texture, which will keep your skin smooth and radiant. Today, moisturizers are pH balancers. Hence toners can be avoided as they would only dry the skin further.
  • Sun protection is another important skincare habit for a healthy skin. SPF protects the skin from excessive exposure to sunlight as well as artificial lighting, which cause deep lines and uneven pigmentation. Exposure to the sun as well as artificial lighting also breaks down skin elasticity.
  • If you are over 27 years of age, start treating your skin as a mature organ because, after 27, the regenerative power of your skin slows down.

Evening cleansing ritual

  • The skin goes into a repair and renewal process during sleep. When you are sleeping the blood flow increases, carrying with it nutrients and energy to skin cells. Hence the evening skincare ritual should be hydrating and moisturizing.
  • Cleansing is all the more important in the evening to remove the dirt, grime and dead cells. Be gentle and don’t over-wash as it will strip the skin of its natural oils.
  • Don’t use moisturizer around the eyes because the skin is thin in this area and will absorb the water in the moisturizer, making your eyes look puffy.
  • A good night cream will help even out skin tone, promote elasticity, decrease fine lines and work on building collagen.
  • A well-balanced diet and eight glasses of water combined with good rest are a must for healthy, glowing skin.


  • If you wake up to a pimple, apply some toothpaste on it. The size and redness should reduce in just a few hours.
  • An ice facial works wonders!
  • If you run out of lip scrub, pick up a toothbrush and gently buff your lips to smoothen them.