Boost Your Creativity Instantly

Simple Ways to Boost Creativity

Creativity is an elusive construct that can be interpreted in every sphere, ranging from art to cooking and everything in between.

Creativity is a valued trait sought out by employers. Every educational institute promises to deliver ‘creative’ individuals at the end of their formal education. However, creativity cannot be taught in schools or learned either. Creativity is about daring to visualize something new and overcoming fears of failure. Unless one thinks outside the box and takes risks, creativity can never thrive.

There are some not-so-elusive ways to boost creativity though.

  • Know thyself: This philosophy serves to enhance your innate creativity. Challenge yourself and set personal goals. Allocate time towards creative pursuits.
  • Positive vibes: Be positive and surround yourself with positivity. Reward your efforts and always be curious. Curiosity opens up new avenues.
  • Study in depth: Be receptive to new ideas and do a thorough study of the problem at hand. Research the topic carefully and that will help in coming up with creative solutions.
  • Brainstorm: This activity is significant academically and professionally. It helps generate new ideas and brings more clarity. There are different facets to each project and therefore multiple ways to achieve targets. Brainstorming opens up the various methods involved in solving or completing a problem.
  • Mind maps and flow charts: Create mind maps to connect the dots. Similarly, a flowchart helps track progress and can also pinpoint possible events and thus help get rid of potential roadblocks.
  • Restrict yourself: Once in a while, place restrictions on yourself. Restrict yourself from replicating old successes and ideas. That will force you to come up with novel and fresh ones.
  • Alternate reality: Try asking counterfactual questions such as ‘What might have been…’ or ‘What if…’ This opens a new, probably unseen perspective which can bring about changes in the solution too.
  • Six-pronged approach: Experts opine that there can be six different ways to perceive an issue:
  1. Consider the situation emotionally and allow your feelings to find an answer.
  2. Consider the situation objectively.
  3. Use a positive perspective and analyze which ideas will work.
  4. Use a negative perspective and anticipate which ideas will not work.
  5. Think out of the box to get hitherto unheard of ideas.
  6. Consider an overall solution.
  • Inspire yourself: Go out to places that serve as sources of inspiration to you. Recharge your creative juices by choosing an activity that stimulates you to think harder.
  • Avoid negativity: Stay away from all kinds of negative thoughts and people. Negativity enslaves your brain in a vicious cycle of low self-esteem and low productivity. Lack of confidence adversely affects creative potential and therefore it is essential to believe in yourself.

Throw away inhibitions and keep challenging yourself to come up with more. There is no finite limit to an individual’s creativity and there will always be newer, better ideas waiting to be discovered or implemented.