The Shopaholic’s Guide to Shopping during Sales

Decadent chocolate cake and a glass of chilled champagne notwithstanding, very few things can be as tempting as that colorful ‘50% OFF’ sign at your favorite department store. Sale season is upon us again and it’s hard for most of us to resist…but is it really smart to shop during a sale?  Read on for tips on what to buy and what to avoid. 

Make a list

As rudimentary as this may sound, this is the best advice a shopaholic can give you! With so many products to tempt you, your senses may get the best of you and you will end up spending on unnecessary items that have no utility or style value! Sales are the best time to buy things you need but often forget to buy. Socks and underwear are a great example of small yet necessary wardrobe staples that we often forget because it’s just so much more fun shopping for another pair of distressed jeans!

Look ahead

Sales are great if you’re looking to expand your seasonal wardrobe. Sales usually work on running massive discounts for the previous season’s collections so during winter you will find summer clothes and vice versa. Stick to classic cuts and avoid very trendy clothes. Use this time to build up your wardrobe for the year ahead. Sales are also a boon if you have growing kids who seem to need new clothes every few months!

Home sweet home

Sales are the perfect time to buy furniture and other high-ticket items such as washing machines and TVs for your home. Once again, given the high value of these products, the money you will end up saving even on a meager 10% discount could be substantial.

Look at the luxe life

Luxury labels like Michael Kors and Burberry and many others go on sale discreetly at least once a year. If you’ve been looking at investing in that classic trench coat or a designer handbag, now’s the chance. Given the exorbitant price tags, waiting for the annual sale is bound to save you big bucks. Remember that discounted merchandise will not include the latest collection. But if you’re optimistic like we are, that gorgeous Haymarket-print tote that you have been coveting is going to be waiting for you in the window, at a bargain!

Never trust a used-car salesman

If you’ve heard the saying, ‘Never trust a used-car salesman’, you will know what we’re trying to warn you about! Remember, retail assistants and sales people often work on commission and are instructed by management to offload old items which have been in the warehouse for years. So don’t feel pressured into buying something just because it’s on sale. If you need, ask for a second opinion from someone else…even from a friendly stranger at the store!

Look forward to Mondays

Avoid shopping on a Friday evening or over the weekend during sale season. If you can, try heading to the store on a weekday before noon during sale season. Chances are that the mall will be quiet, sales people helpful and you will not be rushed by other pushy shoppers in the changing rooms. So you can take your time browsing and trying on things that suit you and look for what you need instead of being rushed.

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