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How to Shop for Your Body Type

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An apple, a pear, an hourglass…advice on how to choose clothes for your shape is confusing! Does one look to a fruit platter for sartorial inspiration or to speed chess? Women always complain how they can never tell what shape they really are and the truth is that most often women cannot be pegged into one ‘fruit’ or ‘shape’ category. Nevertheless we want you to look good and feel fabulous always so we’ve come up with some easy tips for you to follow when shopping. Leave the fruit plates behind.

Guard your tailor’s number like your life depends on it

While most shoppers today prefer the convenience of shopping from independent boutiques or high-street labels, if you are unable to find clothes that flatter you then find a good tailor. Voluptuous and plus-size women often complain about not finding clothes in their size but most women face other problems while shopping. Tall women, once again, are unable to find clothes that garb them adequately. Women with broad shoulders have to opt for a size XL or L which often ends up being too loose on them otherwise. Women who have petite shoulders but large busts once again have to choose a larger size which will not fit nor flatter their curves. The solution could be to find one or more tailors who will alter your prêt clothes well.

Make an indie brand your best friend

There are several talented independent designers in India today that retail online or at boutiques. With unique aesthetic perspectives and original designs, we recommend you befriend a good independent designer. Friends with design benefits will ensure that minor customizations are made to garments that otherwise would not have worked well for you. Other benefits include a great finish to the clothes that are hand-crafted and not machine-made; and certainly clothes that you won’t find everyone you know wearing on Saturday night!

Choose fabrics wisely

Whilst fashion magazines and bloggers go on and on about the latest trends, stylists who offer personalized services will always suggest fabrics that are comfortable for you. Therefore, irrespective of your silhouette, if you are comfortable in denim then go for it – denim after all hides a multitude of sins. If it’s summer then opt for hand-woven cottons. Often, perfectly beautiful fabrics like silk are too hot to be worn in summer and end up making the wearer uncomfortable and sweaty. On the other hand, summer-staples like linen and mul-mul crush very easily and can look messy soon after. Lycra and polyester are best not worn by the body conscious whatever the weather!

What’s your favorite color?

Feeling good will ensure that you look fantastic so choose hues that make you happy whatever your shape or size! Most Indians are blessed with olive-hued complexions that rejoice with any color. It’s one of the reasons why our local textiles and saris are so joyously multi-colored. There are two shades however that can be a bit tricky – one is dark brown which often seems to make the wearer blend into the background. Another shade to avoid is dull grey which fails to complement our beautiful sun-kissed skin. White inevitably seems to add a few pounds to the wearer whilst black is eternally slimming.

Avoid shopping online

We’re sorry but we had to say it! Unless you find a store and try on a garment you will never really know what suits you. We also recommend you wear the garment and step out of the trial room to walk in front of a full-length mirror. Often form-fitting clothes annoyingly cling to your wobbliest bits or that trendy one-shoulder top you so coveted makes your exposed shoulder bony and frail. Even better, take a friend, who you know gives you constructive advice, to the shops for a second opinion.

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