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Running a Business? Here’s Why You Need G Suite!

Why your business needs G Suite

In the modern business scene, inefficiency is one key area that can cost your business a lot. In order to stay competitive, businesses must streamline their productivity and efficiency. Let’s say that you have multiple offices across the city (or even the world!). How does collaboration happen? Or what if one of your employees want to work from home for a while? How do you ensure that other employees don’t save over the changes that you made in an important spreadsheet? To tackle all these problems, companies—large and small alike—resort to SaaS products to ensure that their behind-the-scene day-to-day activities run smoothly. G Suite is one such suite of impressive apps which provides an all-in-one solution to almost all the problems faced by small businesses!

What is G Suite?

G Suite for small business

Formerly known as Google Apps, it was re-branded by its tech-giant parent in 2006. Most people immediately think of G Suite’s email solution, which is the best of its kind available in the market right now. However, G Suite offers so much more than just email solutions. G Suite also comprises Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs. Google Sheets, and the lesser known Google Keep.

Why G Suite?

The top reason for you to choose G Suite would be the familiarity it evokes. At a global level, 1.3 billion people use Gmail as their preferred emailing platform. Most of your existing employees would already be familiar with its interface, making the learning curve extremely easy. Moreover, G Suite offers a one-click switch between your business account and your personal account if you already have a Gmail account! G Suite is also compatible across devices—switch from your laptop to your mobile and continue collaborating even when you are away from your desk.

Reliability is the second reason. G Suite has no planned maintenance or scheduled downtime, meaning your work would never get stalled for any reason. This is highlighted in Google’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) for covered services.

Additionally, G Suite is priced reasonably and offers different plans depending on the size and requirements of your business. As an added comfort, you would never have to worry about security breaches or data thefts as G Suite is built on the platform that offers the highest security available today—Google Cloud.

Additional Advantages of Using G Suite

G Suite makes collboration so easy.

Get credibility: Gmail is a free service, and anybody can sign up and create their own email ID. If you were a customer, wouldn’t you be more trusting of a company if it had its own business email? Also, from a B2B perspective, having your official company name in the email ID increases the chances of your email getting opened. G Suite allows your employees to have Gmail accounts with your business domain name (e.g., raj.kumar@bharatconstructions.com).

Effortless scheduling and organizing: Set deadlines and reminders, schedule meetings or even create multiple calendars for your employees with the help of Google Calendar, a useful asset in G Suite. The straightforward layout makes navigation easy, unlike many other calendar apps with messy interfaces. Google Calendar’s best feature would be the ‘suggested times’ link that helps you set a meeting at a time that is convenient for everyone in the group! No more rescheduling meetings countless times to fit everybody’s schedule – all thanks to Google Calendar!

No data storage worries: Google Drive is a simple solution to your company’s infinitely mounting storage requirements. In an era where cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular, one may wonder what is so great about Google Drive. The simplest answer—security. It offers unlimited storage, secure file-sharing and video conferencing, making it the best tool for collaborative purposes. Google Drive allows you to forget about geographical distances and time zones. For example, an employee sitting in your Melbourne office can make edits to the Google Sheet at the same time as another employee in India, meaning all changes are perfectly synced and backed up.

Post-its you cannot lose: If you want to create a central repository for ideas and strategies, Google Keep would be an amazing tool for you. It works the same way Evernote does, but boy oh boy does it do so much more! Type, record audio messages, take pictures of images with content, all of which will be saved in a searchable form that you can find in a matter of seconds.

Happy office team videocalling.

Instant messaging and video calling: Google Hangouts allows you and your employees to message instantly, video conference, or even make calls without any hassle. Hangouts is so versatile that it can be used across mobile devices, browsers and even operating systems!

Additional features: If you choose one of the higher-end plans, you even get the Cloud Search features which allow you to search across your entire company’s assets in G Suite! Vault is where you can archive all your company’s data—the ultimate backup every business needs.

Additionally, you can access and manage all the data from the Admin console. You could even remotely delete data from an employee’s G Suite account in the event of theft or data breach. From making collaborations effortless to managing data efficiently, G Suite is your company’s one stop solution for seamless work interactions and overall increase in productivity.