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9 Rules for Wearing Culottes

Women wearing culottes

Since their appearance on the fashion scene, culottes have quickly transitioned into a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Here’s how to make it work for you on every occasion.

Culottes can be dressed up any way you want—smart for the workplace, trendy for Friday night, or bohemian for a beach party, as long as you stick to these fashion rules.

Girl wearing pink culottes.

  1. Size matters: Finding the right size is the key to style and comfort. Too small will be unflattering to your shape and too large can make you look bulky.
  2. Right texture: The right material and texture will flatter your shape, highlight your skin tone and give you the perfect silhouette.
  3. Right color: Pick the color according to the occasion. For office and formal wear, opt for sober or pastel shades. Save the bright colors and jazzy prints for party time.
  4. Right top: The rule of thumb when choosing a top to pair with culottes is to wear a top that has less volume than the culottes. If the top is too full, the overall impression will be shapeless and bulky. Wear slim blouses for a sophisticated look and cropped sweaters or fitting shirts for a sporty look.Culottes Tucked In
  5. Tuck in or tuck out: If you are slim and have a flat stomach, tucking in will give the most flattering shape. A streamlined top that stops just below the navel is the best way to camouflage a slight paunch.
  6. Match colors: If you are feeling adventurous, match the culottes with a fitted top of identical color, making it look like a pantsuit.
  7. Right footwear: A little lift works best with culottes since it elongates your legs and makes you look taller and slimmer. Strappy heels, pumps, kitten heels—all work well with culottes.Accessories to go with your culottes.
  8. Accessorize: Bags with a structured shape and defined lines contrast beautifully with the flow of the culottes and balance out the overall look.
  9. Jackets: You can create an entire new look by draping a jacket over the outfit. A blazer adds a formal twist to the culottes, while a denim jacket adds to the coolness quotient.

Culottes are definitely here to stay! Keep in mind these tips to make culottes chic.