Planning to spruce up your home or setting up a cozy nest of your own? The latest fad in interiors is using restored or reclaimed wood to add charm to the surroundings. Restored wood basically refers to upcycling good ol’ wood! Wood leftover from construction work, or old furniture, is dismantled carefully and put to use elsewhere.

A trend in the 80’s, restored wood is definitely making a comeback now. Adding wooden accents to your home is aesthetic and makes a unique style statement.

Thanks to over forestation, wood is becoming increasingly expensive and many types of wood are not available these days, except as reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood, being more durable, is best suited to outdoor seating arrangements that are exposed to elements of nature all year round. Interestingly, it can also turn your bathroom into a stylish space. You just have to ensure the treated wood is sealed with oil-based polyurethane on a regular basis.

Wine racks and wooden pallets used for vertical gardening are best crafted using reclaimed wood. A plus point is that doing these can be a fun DIY project.

Reclaimed wood can be the perfect choice to accessorize a room. The beauty of carved wooden panels can be preserved for a longer time when reused to decorate otherwise ordinary living spaces. Lattices and ornate wooden frames change the ordinary to elegant. You can also use restored wood to build wooden staircases and railings. Kitchen countertops or breakfast tables can be given a wooden finish at a reasonable price too. A bit of handy work can turn ice-cream sticks and spoons into cute hanging boards.

Though getting one’s hands on used wood is not very easy, one can source it from salvage yards and old homes up for renovation. Quirky pieces can be found online as well.

Reusing and recycling also has green benefits as it means fewer trees are cut down. Reclaimed wood is a great green building material. It not only helps in preserving forests and natural resources, it also eases the burden on landfills. All it requires is some patience and a bit of handwork, and you’ll have a distinctive home décor scheme.