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Recycle Your Sari for Eternity!

Recycle Your Sari for Eternity

Recycle Your Sari for Eternity!

Don’t throw away your old silk saris…

The sari is not just an eternal fashion statement. It can live on even after it becomes old, or you just tire of it. Here are some tips to recycle your saris.

  • If the border of your sari is damaged, you can add a new border and you’ll have an almost new sari!
  • If the body of the saris damaged, cut off the border and stitch it onto new fabric. This works best for silk saris with zari borders.
  • Dresses made from Kanjeevaram silks or other silks saris are very trendy right now. So, take out all those saris you don’t wear and make chic dresses out of them. You could make a maxi, a formal dress, an alluring cocktail dress or even a skater dress. Just use your imagination or take your saris to a designer who will fashion them into gorgeous dresses.
  • Palazzos are in right now. Take those old saris with zari borders and make stunning palazzos. You can even use the body or pallu of the sari to make a pretty spaghetti-strap top.
  • Cut up old saris and make them into salwar sets or lehenga cholis.
  • You could even use saris to make beautiful dupattas or stoles.
  • Cut zari borders and use them for panel details or yokes in salwar sets. Thick borders can be used for cap sleeves.
  • Zari borders can be patched on to the hems of denim skirts or jeans for a funky look. You could even stitch on zari patch pockets on shirts and jeans.
  • Use the pallu to make trendy and dressy halter-tops, spaghetti tops and boleros.  The left-over pieces could be utilized for accessories like evening bags, headscarves (bandannas) and even tie-up waist belts.
  • Cut up sheer saris and transform them into sheer curtains – they will transform your room.
  • Your old saris can be cut up to a variety of uses in the house – you can make cushion covers, runners and place mats for an exotic Indian feel!
  • Silk saris with zaris can be used to make laptop bags and mobile phone covers. They look trendy and attractive.
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