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7 Reasons Why Having a Blog is Good for your Business

Benefits of having a blog for your business.

There has been debate recently about whether having a blog is still relevant in today’s context where videos seem to be grabbing eyeballs increasingly.

Blogging has not gone out of fashion; it is still pertinent and for home businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s a great way for people to get to know about you, your business and your products, all at the click of a mouse. According to a Hubspot survey, 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers.

So, if you have just started a home business, or you plan to expand your product portfolio, a well-written blog can help you connect with your customers. It gives a voice to your business.

Video blogging is a good idea.

1. Blogging is a cost-effective marketing tool: You don’t have to spend a ton of money on generating blogs. If you have the writing skills and the time, you could do it yourself. Or hire a writer or even outsource the blog writing to a content service provider. For that tiny investment, you get blogs that let customers know you, your business and your brand. Every blog becomes a long-term asset that creates awareness and drives traffic to your site.

Blogging is indirect marketing.

2. Blogging helps in firming up relationships with existing customers and potential ones: When you take your business online, customer engagement becomes very important. By regularly posting high-grade, relevant content, you engage with customers. They get to know about your product or brand. And, the ‘Comments’ section further enhances engagement as customers are able to interact with you and other customers as well.

A small business owner can promote their business through a blog.

3. You can build clout in your industry: If you blog consistently and knowledgably about your industry and your brand, people will start taking notice of you. The best business blogs answer questions their customers may have about their product, brand or industry. The more readers view you as an expert on that industry – where they are getting helpful tips, in-depth knowledge or useful information – the more your brand value shoots up. By regularly creating content that’s valuable to your target group, your brand gets strengthened and people start coming to your blog whenever they seek information or help on your industry.

Include a CTA

4. A blog generates opportunities for sharing: And sharing means that awareness about you and your brand gets enhanced. People may share the link on social media platforms, tweet it or even email it. This draws more viral traffic to your site and can help in expanding your business. Yes, a well-written, informative blog serves as a free marketing tool for you! It exposes your business to a new audience.

Make sure your post is SEO friendly.

5. Blogging helps in boosting your search engine optimization: Every time you add a new blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website. And search engines are always on the lookout for original, relevant content; new blogs mean they have new content to index. Hence, you have a new opportunity to show up on search engines and drive traffic to your website. Concentrating on the right topics and suitable key words will help in boosting your SEO.

Get new leeds.

6. Blogs can help you generate leads: Every new blog is a fresh chance to generate new leads. All you need to do is add a lead generating call-to-action with every blog post. This could be a free offer, a free trial period, free e-book, fact sheets…anything that can help you engage with a potential customer – a lead that can convert into a sale, which means a new customer.

Make a lasting impact with your blog.

7. Your blog posts generate long-term results: Once you’ve posted them, the blogs are there on the worldwide web. While some blogs generate instant traffic, many times a blog generates traffic only later. So, it’s worth the effort to blog regularly – the leads may come now; but a lot may come further down the line.

Blog regularly with informative, useful and high-quality content and you are bound to witness traffic to your site increasing. Remember to always reply to comments or queries that readers post. Manage your blogs well and boost your business!