Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Supriya Padmanabhan

Managing Partner with My Persona. Supriya has a communications background, is a Professional Certified Coach and has studied Psychology & Hypnotherapy. Understanding the mind and how we express ourselves has always been a passion. Recognized for her ability to connect with people and enhance the art of Effective Expression, she works with people to help them be the best expression of themselves. Her expertise lies in the ability to use personal insight to dramatically change attitudes and improve communication: at work & home, as leaders, parents or with team/peer interactions. (In her own home, she believes she is still work in progress!) Today, Supriya facilitates organizational workshops designed with a keen understanding of the pressures of organizational demands, team dynamics, and the need for healthy, happy, energized individuals. Her work has culminated in the co-creation of My Persona, a program that is designed to create connections with authentic leadership & impactful interactions.

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