Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Radhika Sunderaj

I like: the hush in a theatre before the curtain goes up; holing up on the top berth of a train with a good book; “thin” mirrors in fitting rooms; anything by PG Wodehouse; meandering paths on misty mountainsides; hot pakoras on a rainy day. Really hate: ‘running dreams’ where I’m hunted by a faceless enemy; people who borrow books and never return ‘em, smudging my nail polish and mosquitoes (but they love me). I spent 20 years as a Writer, Creative Director and Party Animal in Advertising. These days, when I’m not rereading Wodehouse, trying to lose those last 5 pounds or adding obscure destinations to my bucket list, I function as a book editor and freelance writer in Australia.

Get Maximum Value from your Gym

A few years ago I joined a gym for the first time and lost 12kgs in six months. Here’s how to get maximum value...

Dhamaka on a Platter: Party Bites for Diwali

diwali celebration
Dhamaka on a Platter: Party Bites for Diwali Unlike Christmas or Onam, Diwali is about the celebration, not the meal. So what do you...

Organize a CRACKER of a Party this Diwali

 Organize a CRACKER of a Party this Diwali! Whether you’re in charge of your Society’s get together or you are planning a party at home,...

Spreading the Light this Diwali

Spreading the Light this Diwali Old friends, new clothes, fireworks, diyas, boxes of sweets, family visits, pujas, card parties – some of us are blessed...