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How to Plan a New Year Party for Your Kids

Kids deserve to celebrate the New Year as much as adults. While including them in adult parties or outings is not recommended, planning an exclusive party for them definitely is.

Kids’ parties are not restricted to birthdays alone. With the arrival of the festive holiday season, they too are in the mood to party. Indulge them by planning a New Year party with fun, games and their favorite menus. What’s great about planning a kids’ party is that you will enjoy them just as much as they will.

Some guidelines for New Year party ideas for kids:

  • Decorate with their all-time favorite balloons. You can stretch your imagination further by sticking inflated balloons to a plastic sheet and taping it to the ceiling. Have this sheet spread out with balloons that will fall on the kids at countdown.
  • Make the kids take turns at being a karaoke star. Have suitable props to go with the song and actor.
  • Place a bare tree and ask kids to hang up their wishes. Provide slips of colorful punched paper, pencils and tags to help them with this. You can even get them to paste the wish paper on balloons and make every child release his/her balloon at the midnight hour.
  • Let the kids raise a toast with flute glasses made with plastic. Fill them up with their favorite cocoa or fruit punch.
  • Turn their New Year party meal into a fun affair by providing compartmentalized boxes instead of plates. Decorate the boxes with pop up cartoons and arrange their favorite cookie, sandwich, fries or cake in the compartments. If they cannot finish the meal, they can simply carry the box home. You will not have to bother with wastage, spillage or heavy garbage.
  • Provide a photo booth or a photo corner. Jazz it up with stars or their favorite cartoons and click away the picture-perfect poses.
  • Get the kids to shape their favorite cookie dough and bake them with their initials. This is one party treat they will not forget soon.
  • Play a game which involves every kid. Choose one-minute games, the traditional ones or the classic party ones…the options are umpteen.
  • Or go for the more sedentary activity. Play their favorite flick and get them to cozy up to watch the movie with tubs of their favorite popcorn. You can join them and relax as well.
  • If you want the kids to stick to the regular bedtime, you can hold a mock countdown. Set back the clock earlier to match their bedtime and begin the countdown. Hand out whistles, mini paper trumpets and confetti and see the kids bellow as the clock strikes 12. This way you can still make time for your party when the actual countdown begins!