If you are one of the vast majority who suffers from the fear of public speaking, be assured that help is at hand and the solution is easier than you think.

According to studies, public speaking is the number one phobia among people, topping even death as a fear factor. You’d be surprised to know there are some really easy and effective ways to counter this fear and enjoy the benefits of being a good orator.

Speak up:

Instead of shying away from the podium, take up the opportunities that come your way for public speaking. This could be the most difficult part of all: saying yes when you desperately want to say no. But practice is the only way to get better at it and conquer your fear.

Embrace your fear:

As Mark Twain said, “There are only two types of speakers in the world, one, the nervous and two, the liars.” So instead of trying to calm down (and failing), accept your fear as natural anxiety to do well and a sign that you care about the message you are about to deliver. As you begin and find your rhythm, the fear will evaporate.

Follow the heroes:

Listen to public figures who are excellent orators; you are bound to pick up a thing or two which will help you along the way. As the experts will tell you, there are plenty of ways to draw in the audience including sharing personal narratives, posing questions and allowing your passion to seep through the presentation.

Focus on feedback:

After each presentation, make sure that you get credible feedback and sift through it thoroughly. Work on your shortcomings and then go back to face the next audience. Never let a setback prevent you from moving forward. As with everything else in life, persistence is the key to successfully overcoming your fear of public speaking.


Public speaking is strongly linked to career success and to the perception of credibility and authority. So if you have a business to run or a message to deliver, it’s time to begin working on your presentation skills.