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Open Your Hearts this Christmas

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Christmas is a time to spend with the family. But there are others out there who could do with some love and generosity.

Yet another year draws to a close and the blessed season of Advent is upon us. As the world gears up to celebrate the birth of the Savior, what can we do differently for Christmas 2016?

The shops have started decking up and bracing themselves for a very busy and hugely profitable shopping season. The general excitement of buying gifts, choosing trees, hanging up lights and preparing cakes and other goodies have begun everywhere.

The Yuletide is traditionally associated with joy and peace – the very two ideals that are missing in a world that is filled with conflict, pain and suffering.

Spreading the cheer during this season should extend beyond gifting our family and friends alone. The spirit of this holy celebration is to bond with others regardless of class, race or borders.

Here are simple ways you can do it:

Make peace

  • Resolve issues with coworkers and neighbors before Christmas. Extend an olive branch. Letting go of negativity is an excellent way to start afresh in the New Year.
  • Join a carol group or organize a choir. Go ahead and ring in the festivities through good music that will transport you back to your own childhood celebrations.

Spread joy

  • Spend some time with the underprivileged, particularly children. Make their Christmas special by letting them be part of your family’s or your church’s celebration.
  • Buy a Christmas tree for people who cannot afford it.
  • Buy extra cards and gift them to someone (whom you do not know) who really needs some cheering up.
  • Carry spare change and make sure you help out at least one needy person.
  • Bake some cookies and send them to all the houses in your neighborhood or apartment complex. There is nothing more heart-warming than homemade goodies.
  • Visit the old and lonely people you know. Including them in Christmas is a beautiful way of expressing affection.
  • Give away old toys to children who actually need them. There can be no better gift than sharing with others.
  • Spend time with your family members as you decorate your homes, the tree and build a crib to welcome baby Jesus. Remember perfection is not what matters but enjoying the whole process as a family.
  • Send old-fashioned greeting cards with handwritten messages. The recipients will always treasure them.

As Christmas draws closer, let us try to be sensitive to our fellowmen and be true to the message of love that is the essence of Christmas.