old furniture

Old is gold!

Rosewood cradles. Queen Anne chairs, Planters chairs, Rococo tables, Victorian chest-of-drawers… In a world where modular furniture and impersonalized furnishings are easily available, antique furniture is becoming increasingly appealing – be it for aesthetics, snob value, a love for antiques or even cherishing grandma’s old stuff.

 Why antique furniture?

  • They have class, they have a character of their own and you can get unique pieces.
  • They are crafted beautifully and the proportions are excellent.
  • The sheer quality of the workmanship and material is superior to what you get today.
  • The grain of the wood in antique furniture is beautiful and since it’s been used for so long, it has an extra sheen.
  • They have a sense of permanence and a sense of history because many have been handed down from generation to generation.
  • When you display an antique in a focal point in your home, it can become a conversation piece! Antiques add distinction to any kind of décor.

shutterstock_436472278So how do you go about buying antique furniture?

  • Most importantly, make sure you buy from a reputed seller. So many antiques are replicated in new designs. It’s very difficult to know whether it’s genuine or a copy.
  • Some antique dealers will charge you an arm and a leg. So be careful who you buy from.
  • Very often, antique collectors manage to get some great pieces for themselves when they buy bits and pieces (be it doors, lamps, tiles, furniture, curios) that are being sold when an old house is demolished. But sometimes, old furniture is in a terrible condition. You need to have a good eye to pick up damaged pieces and need someone reliable to restore them.
  • When you are looking for antiques, go for genuine pieces; they last a lifetime. Most often, when you pick up a piece in a bad state, you can be fairly sure that it is genuine. So, beware of shining new furniture that is labelled ‘antique’ unless it is from a reliable source.
  • Make sure that you like what you buy. Ask yourself where it would fit into your living space.
  • If you plan to collect antiques, it’s important to find yourself an antique dealer who you can trust and rely upon.
  • Do your homework – find out as much as you can about the kind of furniture or artefacts that you are looking at collecting. Visit as many antique shops and auction houses as you can.
  • If you don’t have a budget for expensive antiques, go in for replicas and reproductions – they will give you that old-fashioned feel at a more affordable price. Don’t rush, take it easy! Buy a piece at a time!

Tip: A good way to maintain antiques is to restore them from time to time. Maintenance depends on the product. Milling, polishing and fixing loose ends are a few things which may be required once in a way.

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