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Nothing Like Failure!

Failure isn't everything.

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.” — JK Rowling

You never fail, you just learn

What we perceive as failure sure hurts! If you look at the lives of some of the most successful people you would be surprised to know they have failed several times. They have faced failures that have rocked their worlds and altered the landscape of their lives in every which way, impacting their finances, relationships and even mental health. And they have bounced back to reach the pinnacle of success. What we don’t realize is just what some people had to undergo in order to get where they are in life.

Actually, there is nothing like failure. It is important for success. It shapes us into better persons through its life-altering lessons, infusing in us humane qualities such as compassion, empathy and kindness; it makes our success more valuable and enduring. Failure is a great teacher.

Failure isn't everything.

Another perspective is – there is nothing like failure, or no such thing as failure because when achievements don’t happen commensurate with our efforts, talent and skills, it just means that you are on the road to success but are still learning things that would make your success more meaningful and long-lasting.

Failure results in emotional turmoil and inflicts pangs of guilt, regret and remorse. But the truth is, failure is necessary for success.

Failure as a stepping stone

Never give up even if you fail.

Failure teaches us powerful life lessons. If you feel that you have been failing consistently, keep these lessons in mind and move ahead with patience and confidence. Those who do not give up in the face of failure are sure to succeed.

  • Failure enriches our experience and enables us to expand our mental horizons, infusing us with a deeper understanding of our goals. Failure instils in us the value of every effort, time and money invested in achieving our goals and makes success that much more valuable. The experience you gain from failure will transform you and help you improve yourself.
  • It instills knowledge, about what to do and what to avoid to move ahead and equips you with valuable knowledge that will help you overcome the failure itself!
  • It strengthens your mind, makes you more accepting of every situation and people. Failure also makes you resilient, which is important to achieve success.

Failure will make you stronger.

  • It teaches patience, sharpens your ability to evaluate and analyze and look for impediments which you would otherwise not notice, and transforms you into a discerning and astute person.
  • Failure teaches you to be realistic about your expectations.
  • Growth is the ultimate aim of every insightful individual. Every person strives to grow and elevate himself or herself towards self-actualization. Failure makes you mature and impels you to look for deeper meaning and understanding of life. Failure helps us improve ourselves as human beings, which is the path towards growth and self-fulfillment.
  • Some people attain immediate success without having to undergo the pain and trauma of failures. There are instances where such persons have not been able to handle success. They develop attitudes and habits that are harmful, and have squandered away their success, because they do not place value on it. Failure before success creates value and motivates one to continue endeavors that lead to success.

Tips to recover from failure

Avoid people who dampen your spirit.

  • Avoid people who try to deter you from moving ahead and keep reminding you how you have not listened to their counsel. They are people who revel in their comfort zone and do not understand the dauntlessness and confidence of the risk takers.
  • Accept that it is alright to fail, which is the case of countless successful people.
  • Failure has indeed been traumatizing. But remember, while it is okay to fail it is not okay to give up. As long as you continue to try, you are on the road to success.
  • Understand that failure will shape you into a more experienced and mature person. It will equip you with the right knowledge to succeed.
  • Failure triggers introspection and helps you understand what was it that led to the it and how you could have handled it differently.
  • Do not dwell on past failures. They are just lessons for you to do the right things in the future. Your faith and belief in your goals can be catalyzed by using failure as a leverage to emerge out of past limitations and stride the path to success.

Surround yourself with friends.

  • Read inspirational stories of successful people. Try to be in the company of loved ones. Indulge in your passion or hobbies, read, exercise, take care of your physical and mental health, take up a new sport or yoga.
  • Meditation helps physiologically by triggering ‘feel good’ hormones in your brain; it strengthens your mind and helps conquer fear, anger, frustration and depression.
  • Introspect on your goals, develop clarity about them and visualize them. Redefine them if you must. It is important to set our goals in the right manner and revisit them at regular intervals.
  • Design an action plan on how you are going to achieve your goals and how you would act if failure raises its ugly head again. Your action plan should be effective enough to push you past stumbling blocks.

Stay happy. Failure is not the end of the world. Move ahead with the belief that ‘this too shall pass’!