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Mompreneurship Isn’t as Hard as You Think it Would Be

More and more women are finding mompreneurship appealing because of the flexibility and financial freedom it gives them…

For mompreneurs, juggling work and home can be an arduous task and many women wonder if they are up to it. But look around you and you can see so many women jumping onto the mompreneurship bandwagon. And managing their businesses successfully at that.

Yes, it’s not a piece of cake. Nothing in life is! And starting a business – any business – is something that requires dedication. And the ability to face challenges. Because, challenges are going to keep cropping up.

Nevertheless, mompreneurship is not as tough as you imagine it to be. Here’s why:

You have your own source of income.

You have your own source of income: Getting back to work if you have small kids at home can be next to impossible. Many moms want to be at home with their kids. But once you are used to earning money, you don’t want to be dependent on others for cash. If you start a business from home, you can make your own money and don’t have to feel guilty about splurging on yourself.

You can work from the comfort of your home: This way, you can spend time with your kids and oversee your home and work. No commuting to office daily and coming home so exhausted that you dread the household chores or sitting with your kids and supervising homework. You can juggle work and home successfully.


There’s always someone to help: In India, we have the advantage of being able to hire domestic workers. So, it’s not as if you have to physically do all the household chores. You can hire someone to take care of that! And even hire a babysitter. If you live in a joint family setup, your parents or in-laws could chip in to look after your kids while you concentrate on your business.

You can be flexible: Depending on the demands of your time, you can decide how to grow your business. And also choose a business that you can control. So, if you feel you can dedicate only six hours to your business every day, tweak your business plan and business model to accommodate that. Don’t get overly ambitious and stretch yourself. Do what you can handle. For example, you may be a talented cook and want to do home catering. With two young kids, catering three meals a day may be tough. You could look at starting with catering one meal a day – breakfast, lunch or dinner. And expand when you feel you are ready.

You can work without any guilt.

You can pursue your business without any guilt: Many working moms feel guilty because they don’t get to spend time with their kids and have to leave the kids at creches or with a babysitter. When they come home after a long day of work, they are dog-tired and, invariably, are unable to spend quality time with the kids. When you work from home, you can set your own schedule and ensure that you get time with your kids. And your home too can run like clockwork because you are present to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

So, if you are looking at becoming a mompreneur, don’t hesitate. Take the plunge. However, do ensure that you have researched the business you are getting into and that you have a business plan and adequate finances. Countless women have started their own businesses and are doing fabulously well. Have faith in yourself, plan your day well, pay attention to your business…and you can become a successful mompreneur. You can easily wear the hats of mom and entrepreneur successfully!