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Mistakes your Business Should Avoid on Social Media

Social media offers immense scope for building a brand and engaging with your customers. But to take advantage of its huge potential you also need to tread cautiously and avoid making mistakes.

Harness the incredible advantages of the social media intelligently

Build the reputation of your business and an exemplary relationship with the public and customers using the incredible opportunities afforded by social media. But to justify the time, effort and money that go into this endeavor, you need to weed out the common mistakes made by many companies. Here’s how you go about enhancing the advantages of your social media presence:

  • What really puts people off is not updating your social media profile regularly. Ensure your profile is updated diligently and regularly.
  • Overdoing the updating process is also a turn off and will create an impression that you are pushing your company too much. Update intelligently by giving relevant and interesting information updates.
  • Broadcasting regular information in the belief that your target market will enjoy the content is like one-way traffic. You need to interact directly with your fans. Make sure to reply to queries, give feedback, share or retweet other updates and use hashtags wherever necessary at decent intervals without appearing too pushy. It will help build trust and develop a loyal customer base for your business.
  • Social media is a platform that affords building a brand and relationships with present and future customers. Avoid the hard sell.
  • Don’t expect a high level of social media engagement to push up your sales. Social media increases the familiarity of your brand and impels potential customers to favor your product or service. It is an exercise to build awareness and snare attention at a subconscious level.
  • Ensure that access control to the social media platforms is known and used by a trusted group of persons or an individual who is highly professional. There are instances where frustrated employees have used their access to publish personal grievances!
  • Don’t get beleaguered by negative feedback, which is bound to happen. If you take immediate action, you can convert it into a positive PR campaign.
  • Presently videos and live streaming apps are emerging as popular means of engaging with people and will help widen your audience circle. Live streaming video is a shot in the arm for social media marketing. Take advantage of this trend.
  • Visual content has gained immense popularity replacing write-ups to a large extent. It’s time to talk in images.
  • Ensure the information given is accurate and is relevant to your business to help build credibility.
  • Take advantage of opportunities offered by some social media sites to boost your posts so as to reach a wider audience. Promote your posts regularly, outside of your current following too.
  • To entice new users and repeat users, use social media and promote your business by publicizing special discounts and sales. You can also give incentives in the form of coupons on your website.
  • Connect with all who are related to your business including manufacturers, distributors and other related professionals, apart from your customers.
  • It is wise to invest in advertising campaigns through social media platforms.
  • Research and equip yourself with knowledge about the right timing for your posts. Some posts are effective posted first thing in the morning, some during lunchtime and so on. Ensure your social media strategy is a data-driven one.
  • Audit your social media program to ensure that your social profile is performing as it should and gives you the best results.