All the Make-Up Tips You Need for New Year’s Eve

They say self-confidence is the best outfit a girl can own, but a dash of red lipstick and a slick of mascara only adds to your beauty – both inner and outward!  This December, make-pro Paavana Mohan from the Purple Parrot gives us the low-down on what’s hot in the make-up universe.

What’s in and what’s not:

The face behind those expert brush-wielding hands, Paavana Mohan (26) tells us much to our relief, “Harsh contouring days are over.” The Chennai-based make-up aficionada adds, “Skin is in and current trends are focused on the skin looking more natural and illuminated from within. Eyebrows are still very big and the more natural and wild-looking, the better. Soft bitten lips are also in along with glossy finishes which are reminiscent of the 90’s.”

Since the countdown to New Year’s Eve has begun, our resident beauty and fashion writer has put together some simple DIY make-up tips for you to add that extra bit of sparkle to your NYE ensemble.

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  1. Kiss and tell – the best lipsticks for NYE

Whether you’re chilling at home or heading to a hip night club, a great lipstick will make you look and feel good. A quick going-out look would be to draw the focus of your beauty look to your lips with a great lip hue. Mohan, a former MAC make-up consultant suggests the best hues of lipsticks from MAC: “For a great dark lip try ‘Diva’ which is a nice wine shade. Even ‘Rebel’ is good; this is more purple-wine.” For ladies who love their pink, Mohan recommends these shades – although the names can be confusing! ‘Girl About Town’, ‘All Fired Up’ or ‘Relentlessly Red’. Mohan also recommends the lip products from Huda Beauty. As for the timeless red lip, we at iJugaad love the iconic ‘Ruby Woo’ lipstick from MAC and also recommend ‘Russian Red’.

  1. Five minutes to fabulous – the five-minute party look

Whatever the current trends, we guarantee that you will look great and be out the door in under 10 minutes with these quick tricks.

  • Wash your face with a gentle foaming cleanser (we love Cetaphil and L’Occitane) and splash on some ice-cold water after, to seal the pores and refresh yourself.
  • Moisturize using gentle, upward strokes – we love products from ayurvedic KAMA, animal-friendly The Body Shop and paraben-free Innisfree. The moisturizer acts as a base for your foundation routine and protects your skin so never skip it. You could use a make-up primer or simply put some calamine lotion on your face to help set your foundation.
  • Blend in some liquid foundation on to your face, neck and ear lobes.
  • Add a quick neutral eye-shadow. Pink, gold or smoky gray work best depending on your mood and destination.
  • Swipe some black eyeliner on your upper lids, some kajal (dark brown) on your water-line and use an eyelash curler.
  • If you don’t own a curler then quickly add two coats of mascara. Mohan swears by the Chanel Volume Mascara.
  • A swipe of lipstick – blot- reapply – blot again and add some gloss, and you’re good to go.
  • If you have very oily skin, then add some powder or blotting powder before you go.
  • If you have more time we suggest some basic contouring with a good brush and bronzing powder from The Body Shop. Swipe on the sides of your temple, under your chin and on the side of your nose. Add a shimmer blush to your cheeks.
  1. Heavy metal – metallic eye shadow and lip kits

Legendary make-up artist Pat McGrath, who has worked with every supermodel and leading Hollywood beauty in the last twenty-five years, loves her metal eye-shadows and lips this season. This will require more time and an investment in a lip-kit – we suggest you check out the products from Kylie Jenner, Nars and Make-up Forever. It always works best if you ask a make-up consultant to show you how to use the kit but you could also check out You Tube for a tutorial. With these looks, however, make sure you highlight either one or the other – either eyes or lips.

And remember, ultimately make-up is about you and about having fun! So enjoy yourself and have a fantastic New Year.

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