How to Make Your Own Mobile Phone Cases

The mobile phone has become one of our most important accessories. Even when you are dressed shabbily and have not a smidgen of makeup on your face, it would be grand if your phone says something about you.  

People spend hours online looking for the perfect phone case in the perfect color with just the right amount of artwork. Chances are, though, that you may not get the one with all that you are looking for and, at times, when you do find the right one, it may burn a sizeable hole in your pocket. Luckily, there are easy DIY ways to customize your phone case at home.

  1. Cutouts: For this you will need a clear silicone or hard case. The reason it needs to be clear is so that you can use cutouts of designs of your choice, like flowers, shapes, sequins, 3D images and more, which will stand out through the clear case. You can use glitter paper, recycled paper, newspaper, printouts of images of your favorite band, movie star, movie poster, personal photos and so on. What makes this a great option is that you do not have to use any kind of glue to stick anything onto the case or the phone. All you need to do is place your cutouts on the back of phone, where you want them, and place the clear case on it gently. This also means you can change your design and theme whenever you like.
  2. Dry flowers: Floral designs certainly brighten up your phone. Dried flowers would definitely look more elegant and unique compared to images of them. For this, you need a clear silicone case or hard case. Press flowers that you wish to use between heavy books for a period of time. When the flowers, leaves or buds are ready and no longer hold any moisture, they are ready for use. As you would with cutouts, place them on the back of the phone however you want. You can randomly place the flowers all over or like a bouquet, etc. Ensure the flowers are well-pressed and not too thick so that the case fits snuggly on your phone.
  3. Dazzle with bling: The most popular type of phone case trending right now is the shiny, sparkly phone cover engulfed with rhinestones. A phone case covered in these little gems will certainly be noticed. This is perhaps the most time-consuming technique but the finished product never disappoints. For this, you can use a light-colored case of your choice or a clear case. Using a stencil or by free hand, trace out the design onto the phone with a black sketch pen. Instead of using strong glue like the quick-drying type, use fabric glue. Fabric glue, unlike the fast-drying type, does not leave stains on the stones. If you make an error while placing the stones on the case, fabric glue ensures that you can rectify the mistake before the glue dries. Make sure you place the stones carefully to ensure the best results.
  4. Fabric and patchwork: Using a clear silicone case, you can use a piece of your favorite fabric cut to size to jazz up your phone. If the fabric has embellishments like threadwork, mirrorwork, sequins and beads, ensure that the case still fits the phone snuggly. Lace and ribbons, too, can be placed across the phone in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal pattern. Using various pieces of cloth, make a patchwork quilt-like pattern.
  5. Leather cutouts: For an edgier look, cut out shapes from old leather bags, shoes or thin belts and stick them on a plain colored plastic case. Add metal stick-on rivets in a design you favor or to spell out your name.
  6. Nail art: Use a white plastic case as your easel and paint to your heart’s content using nail polish. Go for a completely abstract look or a truly inspired masterpiece. To seal the work on your case, paint over the design with nail varnish. Stick sequins or silver stars randomly on the case.