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Make gifting special

Tired of giving and receiving the same old gift? Dare to be different this time

Exchanging gifts has become an essential part of Diwali. But aren’t we tired of giving and receiving sweets? So, why not make your gift special. How about gifting your relatives and friends something different? Something they can take pleasure in (and not necessarily munch on!). It will make a pleasant change from the regular stuff. Here are some ideas to mull over!

  • shutterstock_219330451Go for terracotta lamps, diyas, Ganeshas, figurines – there’s plenty to choose from. And in terms of budget – you could pick it up at throwaway rates on the pavements or go in for the more exclusive and expensive stuff at ethnic boutiques.
  • Does the receiver have a hobby? For instance, many people collect bells, crystal, lamps, curios, figurines, soaps, candles, watches, etc. You could gift them something they love and value.
  • shutterstock_159036176If you are on a budget, head out to any state government emporium. You can find a host of delightful and reasonable gift items from wall hangings to curios to trays and lamps.
  • Gift your partner or your best friend a special treatment at a spa or beauty salon, a manicure and pedicure, or even an aromatherapy massage.
  • Why not gift diyas, lamps, scented candles, designer candles or expensive joss sticks? Today the market is teeming with such an amazing variety of stuff. You could visit or a shop or go online for a dizzying variety at all price points.
  • shutterstock_356563751Give gift certificates redeemable at bookstores, clothing stores, lifestyle stores or online stores. This way, the receiver can select something of his/her choice.
  • Gourmet chocolate or homemade chocolate will always be appreciated (even by those on a diet!). Alternatively, dry fruits are an option. All these have a longer shelf life than Indian sweets.
  • Wine is in these days. Why not gift close friends bottles of wine (the more expensive the better!).
  • Go green and gift a plant. You could get pretty pots with herbs; they are sure to be appreciated.shutterstock_257987276
  • Buy fairy lights and mason jars. Arrange the fairy lights in the jars, cover with cellophane and tie a ribbon around it.
  • Make your own hampers. Choose from an assortment of goodies depending on your budget and the person you are gifting it to. The hamper could contain sweets, chocolates, dried fruit, wine, diyas, candles, agarbathis, small curios, jars with preserves and pickles, cheeses, sauces, pastas, teas…the list is endless. Mix and match, go for themes. You will need to invest in cellophane paper, baskets or boxes, ribbons, etc to jazz up your hamper.
  • You could even gift stationery – there’s such an amazing variety of handmade notebooks, letter paper, pen stands etc. Or even special pen sets.
  • Books will always be cherished by avid readers. If you have the budget, buy those beautiful coffee table books on a subject the recipient is interested in. Or go for books – fiction or non-fiction – which you know your friend or relative would like.
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