Make Your Own Christmas Lanterns

The star-shaped paper lanterns that are such an integral part of Christmas certainly add a touch of beauty and the Christmas spirit. But it sure would be nice to have some variety and make some lanterns at home by bringing in a little bit of you to it.

Here are some simple, cost-effective ways to make beautiful Christmas lanterns.

  1. Hang mason jars of ordinary jam and pickle jars with tea lights in them. Make sure that the strings on which you tie the jars are sturdy and can hold the weight. For a personal touch, stick cutouts of circles, stars, trees and so on all over the inside of the jar. Once the candles are lit inside, you are left with a festive and cheerful light display.
  1. Paint coffee tins, paint cans or canned soup tins in Christmas colors. Drill holes all over the tin. Light a tealight and place the tin over it (bottom side up). You are left with these little rays of lights emerging from them that look like sparkly fireflies in the night.
  1. Fill jars or glasses with colorful glass nuggets, pine cones, holly, streamers, marbles, pebbles and more. Fill three-fourth of the jar with the baubles and place a tea light in each one.
  1. Use old CDS or DVDs and ribbons to make these simple yet stunning lamps. To each disc, stick or tape ribbons in the color of your choosing, such that they hang off from the disc all around the outer edge. You can either cut the ribbons all the same length or different lengths. Ensure the wire and the bulbs are securely placed.
  1. On used CDS and DVDS, stick cinnamon sticks, of various lengths, upright and tightly packed, one after another. You could place a tea light or large candle in the center of the CD or you can, like mentioned above, turn it upside down and suspend it with a wire and a bulb in a bulb socket.