Why Do We Make and Break New Year Resolutions Every Year?

Every New Year, we diligently make resolutions. But most of us end up tossing them out within a few days or weeks. Why do we fall into this cycle of making and breaking resolutions? Read on…

The peer pressure syndrome: This translates into, “Everyone is making resolutions so I better make some.” The pressure builds up and you hurriedly scribble a list – it could be anything as long as you too can boast of some, any, resolutions! Sticking to them is another story altogether!

The party conversation syndrome: Here, you basically have no resolutions, have no intentions of making any resolutions and frankly couldn’t care less about resolutions. But at all the season’s parties, there is this steady stream of conversation which revolves around New Year resolutions, so you toss in a couple of your own as a surprised spouse looks happy and relieved when you mention that anger management is your goal for the coming year!

The self-improvisation syndrome: Now this is a genuine one that hits most of us every year or at least every alternate year. There’s this burning desire to become a better human being. Alas, bad habits die hard and by the 10th of January, we are back to our sinful ways! The key is to never give up. One day, someday, in the distant future, that dream will come true. Believe in fairytales!

The I-owe-it-to-others syndrome – This is the unfairest cut of them all! There’s your mother nagging you to stop smoking, your spouse nagging you to spend more time with the family, your friends telling you you’re so fat…and the pressure builds up and finally, in a moment of weakness, you cave in and say, “Let New Year come and I promise I’ll change!”  Come New Year and you think – to hell with it!

As the old saying goes – hope lies eternal in the human heart. Keep plodding on and scribble away those resolutions! One day, someday, you will stick to your resolutions. It may surprise you, but it will certainly delight you. Tomorrow is another day!