Look Thinner

How to Look Thinner in Ten Minutes

Have a family wedding coming up and worried about what to wear? Going for a job interview and keen to appear confident? FIRST DATE with your boyfriend’s parents?? Look no further; we’re giving you the best-kept secrets on how to look slimmer (without having to forego your dessert)!

High heel confidential

The higher the heel, the better the strut and the silhouette! Skinny heels with a pointed-toe are the very best for that optical illusion everyone wants to create. If you’re not used to wearing two or three 3 inch heels however, we recommend wearing a nice kohlapuri wedge heel (1.5 inches at least) or a peep-toe wedge.

Next to nothing

Invest in a pair of nude heels. Skin-colored heels – try and find one that matches your complexion – will instantly lengthen your legs and make you look and feel wonderful. This shoe is also the only pair of party shoes you will need to own; they go with absolutely every hue and every outfit. Just look at fashion icon Kate Middleton a.k.a., the Duchess of Cambridge, for inspiration; she wears them everywhere.

Underneath your clothes

Please don’t let your imagination get the best of you; we want to reaffirm how important it is to wear well-fitted, good quality underwear in order to look slimmer. There are statistics galore on how women wear the wrong size bra the world over. Go to a department store like Shopper’s Stop and ask the retail assistant to measure you. The perks of shopping at the department store are that there are several brands available. Brands such as Marks & Spencer, Triumph and Amante are best in India. You can also shop for ‘spanx’ or a tummy-flattening panty/ butt-shaping shorts if you’re wearing a dress.

Look Thinner1V is for V-neck

Be confident to show a little skin up top. A V-neck or a draped cowl neck, even an off-shoulder style is much more flattering than a turtle neck or a boat neck. We guarantee that your proportions will seem much more elegant with these styles. Another tip – wider V-necklines help to optically balance out fuller hips and thighs.

Mind the print

India is home to a stunning variety of hand-printed textiles from traditional Jaipur block-printing to ajrakh and more. It is important to patronize our local artisans and wear hand-made fabrics for several reasons – but be careful about the prints you choose. Avoid large paisley or floral prints on white at all cost! Whatever your dress-size, these end up making one look like you’re garbed in furniture upholstery. Instead, choose checks, delicate telia rumal ikat weaves, bright floral prints on a navy or black background, even a bold animal print top with black pants, depending on the occasion and your mood.

Back in black

No secret that black, navy blue, indigo, dark green and deep violet are the best colors for looking slimmer. However, another way to ensure your silhouette looks slimmer with minimal exercise (we’re counting the steps to your closet of course!) is to wear the same hue on top and on the bottom. For instance, if you choose a V-necked olive green top, pair it with a pair of dark green culottes.

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