Keeping the Romantic Fires Burning

This Valentine’s Day iJugaad got some celebrities to bare their heart about keeping the romance going…

Saumya Tandon, TV actor, currently seen in the hit TV show Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hain

“To keep the passion alive, you need keep some relaxed time for each other, keep the communication on – where you can tell each other what your preferences are and keep the ‘surprises’ on…it always works.”

Sahil Salathia, TV actor, currently seen in Nikhil Advani’s POW

“I think two things are a must. Mutual understanding. Secondly, complementing and completing each other, taking each other’s negatives in a good stride and embracing the positives.”

Taaha Badusha, Film actor, last seen in Baar Baar Dekho

“I think trust and space are very necessary for urban relationships these days. We are all busy in our lives professionally and it’s important that partners understand each other’s professional pressures. Amidst this, small gestures and surprises help keep the spark alive. It’s quite easy if both individuals are willing to meet halfway. It’s beautiful then.”

Nilkhilesh Tabhane, India’s fastest man on wheels and Asian bronze medalist

“I’d say the passion in relationships can be kept alive by communicating and taking out a part of your day for each other from your busy work schedule, by motivating each other to reach their particular goals, by traveling together to different destinations and making memories, by being friends first and flirting as if you have just started the relationship which will always keep the relationship fresh and cheerful, by doing new things together like joining a particular sport together or going for a dance class, by not holding any grudges and by giving surprises.

Abhilash Thapliyal, RED FM RJ, anchor and the face behind the online political satire Muffler Man

I don’t (do anything to keep the fires burning), because if you have to keep the passion alive, let me be a doc and say, ‘aapne bahut der kar di, sorry hum unhe bacha nahi paye’! (It’s too late now, we couldn’t save it!)