using essential oils

Important Tips for Using Essential Oils

There is more to essential oils than just sniffing them and enjoying the aroma…

Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used in their diluted forms. These natural oils can do wonders for your mind and body.

Here are some important tips to be followed when using essential oils:

  • Check and ensure which oils are for internal consumption and which ones are for external application alone.
  • Check which oils are suitable for children; some essential oils suited for adults are unhealthy for children.
  • Be sure to use essential oils that are certified and are 100% pure.
  • Some oils that are photosensitive are best avoided when you have to go out in the sun.
  • Essential oils should never be poured into the nose, eyes or ears.
  • Be cautious when using essential oils immediately before or after using the pool or shower. It could cause skin irritation owing to the pores being more open.
  • It is misconstrued that essential oils can be heated or boiled to distribute their aroma. On the contrary, heating deprives them of all therapeutic value.
  • Essential oils should not be stored in plastic containers; some oils may break down the plastic. It is best to store them in dark bottles.
  • The lids of the bottles containing essential oils should not be left open as oxidation is speeded up, making them lose their vitality.

Once bought, select the method of using the essential oils. Most essential oils can be used topically and some can be consumed internally. Some can be used as cleaning agents while some have cosmetic benefits. Some ways of embracing essential oils in our day-to-day life are:

Vaporizing: Inhaling essential oils is the most common way to use them. This is because the sense of smell is the first entry point for essential oils.

Massaging: Massaging with essential oils is possibly the most effective way of using them. They penetrate the body and help to relax the muscles. The combination of the sense of smell and touch is a powerful stress buster.

Bathing: Adding essential oils to bathwater provides maximum nourishment to the skin. All the senses are involved to provide total relaxation to the mind and body.