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What Makes Up an Ideal Contact Us Page and Why Your Website Needs One

Why the contact page of your website is important.

In a world where businesses are constantly trying to get ahead of one another, the competition demands you to be on your toes all the time. Whether it is the quality of your product or service or the user experience of your website, businesses cannot afford to make even the slightest of mistakes. When it comes to the website, business owners often devote their entire attention to the homepage, for it has to represent the brand and impress the user at the same time. Countless hours are spent on keyword strategy and search engine optimization to bring in more online traffic.

In the process, basic pages such as the contact page tends to get a back seat. Your contact page serves as the link between your customers or potential business partners and your business, and it would be a big mistake not to give it importance it truly deserves. You have to make sure that your contact page looks just as beautiful (and usable) as the rest of your website. Only if it looks inviting will users trust and engage with your brand. So, here are a few things to keep in mind while creating the contact page for your business’s website.

Have a friendly, conversational tone.

1. Use a friendly, conversational tone: A simple contact form and basic contact details doesn’t make a good contact page. Users should get the feeling that you, as a business, welcomes communication. Instead of using ‘Contact Us’, run with ‘Get in Touch’ or ‘Speak to Us’; words that convey warmth instead of austerity. You could also add a line informing the users that they can contact you for absolutely anything, whether it is a support or sales query, a press or media related query, questions from a potential employee or simple feedback!

Make it easy to find the contact page.

2. Improve findability and navigation: Don’t make it difficult for your users to find your contact page. True, your main navigation bar could get a little crowded, but the link to your contact page should either be on it or in the footer. These are two important placements that the majority of the internet users are familiar with. Placing the link anywhere else could turn out to be frustrating for users, especially if they are trying to get in touch with you urgently.

Link FAQ to reduce number of queries.

3. Link FAQs to reduce the number of queries: If you are afraid that you will get bombarded with queries if your contact page looks too welcoming, you could always give the user the option to read through your FAQ page first. Provide a visible link in your contact page so that a user can find what they are looking for without having to email or call your business directly.

Add all the necessary information.

4. Add the necessary information: Everybody knows that the contact page should contain an email ID, a phone number, links to social media profiles, and addresses if you have physical stores. These are just the basics. Don’t leave it at that, go one step ahead and add a map of your office or store location, business hours, timings for calling on the landline number if there is one, and also an approximate wait time until they receive a response from your side.

Details such as the above may seem trivial compared to the multitude of other things that you have to deal with while running your business. However, these tiny things do matter, especially when it comes to building trust in the minds of your customers. And remember, only if your customers trust your business will you ultimately succeed.