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How to Make Your Very Own Bookshelf

How to Make Your Very Own Bookshelf

There is no need to buy a bookshelf when you can make one at home for almost nothing. This is an easy way to build your own bookshelf using only wooden boards and bricks.

What you will need

  • Pre-cut shelving boards, ¾ x 6
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Sandpaper-150 grit
  • 1 can of paint in the desired color
  • Varnish
  • Clean cloth


  1. Cut the shelving board into 2-foot sections. If you need a bigger bookshelf, adjust according to your needs.
  2. Paint the boards in a color of your choosing.
  3. Spray paint the bricks and let dry.
  4. Assemble your bricks and begin stacking them to put the shelves onto.  Two bricks on each side of the base are sufficient for making small bookshelves. For a longer bookshelf, you may need to add more to the sides or middle for stability
  5. For higher shelves, put the appropriate amount of bricks needed to allow room for your books on the bottom shelf then subtract at least one and maybe two bricks per side for each shelf as you go up.

Since there are no nails and there is no adhesive holding the shelf together, you need to ensure that the shelf is stable.

Before you get started, place a plastic tarp or newspapers on the floor while painting.