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How to Design the Unboxing Experience

Designing the unboxing experience.

Jump onto the unboxing bandwagon with these tips…

Do you want your customers to experience the unboxing phenomenon of your product or range of products? (If you are new to the concept of unboxing, do read: The Joys of Unboxing.) When you are a start-up or have a limited advertising budget, unboxing can be one of the best and most economical forms of advertising your product. Today, content is being produced and shared by consumers. This is called UGC or User Generated Content and it has changed the way brands market themselves. Unboxing videos fall under the category of user generated videos and have become hugely popular. There are YouTubers who have thousands to millions of followers who watch their unboxing experience with shared joy and anticipation.  Andrew Wood, e-commerce marketing manager at Rajapack, said, “People are more likely to trust the genuine reaction of one of their peers than company advertising campaigns.”

Do you want your product to be shared in an unboxing experience? Well, here is what you need to consider:

Is your product worthy of unboxing?

Is your product worthy of unboxing? Yes, that is very important. For instance, electronic gadgets, especially the latest ones, cosmetics, fashion items and kids’ toys are the most popular categories for unboxing. If you are selling some dry product like mops or homemade cleaning liquids, for example, it’s not going to generate interest from unboxers.

Find social media influencers: So if you have a product that lends itself to the unboxing experience, you will need to collaborate with social media influencers who specialize in your category, have large followings and put up YouTube videos of their unboxing experiences. The trickledown effect of social media celebs unboxing your product could give a well-deserved fillip to your business as these influencers have thousands and thousands of dedicated followers who wait in eager anticipation for their unboxing videos. These influencers speak directly to their audience and give honest feedback about the product they are unboxing. They have a direct connect with their followers.

Pay attention to the packaging.

Pay attention to the packaging: Unboxing is all about anticipation, about wanting to see what is inside. So, the packaging is important. Attractive packaging heightens the experience because aesthetics play a big role. This is also an opportunity for you to increase the visibility of your branding. So do ensure that the external packaging clearly provides mileage for your brand. Ensure that the product is carefully packed because damaged or ugly packaging will disappoint the consumer and the viewers and create a negative impression of your product and brand.

The packing material and fillers matter: If you receive a package with jewelry in it, which would you prefer? Fillers with newspaper or fillers with delicate tissue? The second, right? But, if it’s a breakable product, you would expect it to be swathed in bubble wrap or something that protects the product. The filler should secure your product and enhance the unboxing experience. Again, it’s an opportunity for branding. You could design the box or paper with your logo and garner some more visibility. However, do keep your packaging simple. Don’t complicate it with unnecessary layers. Also, make sure the size of the box is correct – neither too small nor too large.

Product place

Take care of product presentation: Needless to say that this is of utmost importance. After all, this is the cherry on top of the icing of the unboxing experience. This is what everyone is waiting to see. So, as soon as the box is open, your product/s should be clearly visible, nestled prettily in the box. This is when your consumer and all his or her followers visually consume the product.

Have extras tucked away: It is not only about the unboxing experience and the visual consumption of the product. It’s also about the trimmings – those extra gifts or coupons or free samples. It’s like a treasure hunt. But here, once the big treasure has been unearthed, there are some more hidden treasures to entice! Place the extras below the main product/s. After all, the chief temptation is the main product. The extras are added attractions.

Add a thank-you note

A thank you can make a difference: A thank you note from you to the consumer is a value-added touch to strengthen the bond between you and the consumer. It makes him or her feel special. And, when he or she reads out your note to his or her followers, you have thousands of people forming a positive impression about your product and brand. It’s a win-win situation. And all it takes is a simple thank you!

With unboxing playing a significant role in enticing consumers to sample new products, it makes sense for you as an entrepreneur to check out this avenue. After all, electronic word of mouth (eWOM) is in now. And if you have a limited ad budget, this is one of the best ways to get free publicity and generate awareness of your brand and product.