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Punctuality at work is a given. If you are habitually late, you create a bad impression in the workplace, and it could affect your promotions and your career. Here are some easy hacks to help you get to work on time every day. 

When one works in an office, being punctual is of utmost importance. It is essential to report to work on time as it leaves a good impression. Everyone prefers a professional who is eager to start work early and thus contribute more to the company.

If a person turns up late for work every other day, then his seniors and colleagues will naturally assume that he is shying away from responsibility. Such an impression can adversely affect his career prospects. Doubts will also be raised over his reliability and willingness to take up projects.

It is a well-known fact that some people, by nature, can never be punctual. They need not stress out, as this habit can easily be changed with proper training and guidance.

Scroll down for some easy and simple methods by which you can reach the workplace right on time:

Prep all that you need the night before:

One of the reasons why you could be late for work every day is that you take more time while getting ready. To overcome this problem, you should prepare everything the night before itself. Keep your clothes, jewelry (in case of working women), office bag…all ready the day before to avoid a mad rush in the morning.

The mornings are super hectic for working mothers who have to prepare many things before heading to work. This can cause them to be late on some days. Working women should either keep all the things needed for the morning ready or make the food the night before. Simple things like this will lessen their morning burden to a large extent and help them become more punctual.

Make reminders:

With advanced technology by our side, it is very easy to ensure that we are punctual to work. Make use of your mobile, laptop or iPad services to set reminders about all the tasks that need to be completed before you report to work. It may be something as simple as a morning alarm or completing your office reports for the day. Timely reminders will help you be at office on time every day.


Leave home early:

An old saying goes like this, “The early bird always catches the worm.” Apply this principle to your life and leave home at least 10-15 minutes earlier when heading for work. That extra time will come in handy if you are caught in a bad traffic jam or have a bad ‘car day’.


 Have an alternative plan:

It always helps to keep a Plan B ready while heading out to work or for that matter any other task. If your car gives trouble early in the morning, ask your colleague living closest to you give you a lift. This way you can arrive at work on time. If you are rushed for time and cannot drop your kids at school one day, make alternative arrangements with your friends or van drivers to pick up the kids. Whatever be the situation, having a Plan B always helps.

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