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How to Be a Good Neighbor

Being a good neighbor is all about building long-lasting relationships with mutual benefits.

The nuclear family set-up is a reality of present times. Nuclear families have no one but themselves to rely upon. This is where the role of neighbors comes into play. They can always be of help during any emergency like babysitting your toddlers if you are late from work or checking in on a sick, elderly person when you are not around. For this and many other reasons, it always helps to have friendly relations with one’s neighbors.

Becoming a good neighbor just got easier with these ‘time-tested’ tips:

Take the first step: Don’t wait for your neighbors to come and introduce themselves. Take the initiative and go say ‘Hello’. This holds true even if you have moved into a new neighborhood or other people have shifted into your locality. After the basic introductions are done with, talk about general stuff like the local area, its facilities, etc. This always helps break the ice and you can then take your relationship forward.

Organize neighborhood activities: Neighborhood activities are a good way of bonding with the people of your locality. You can start a neighborhood group, which organizes fun activities like picnics and get-togethers during weekends. Such events are good venues for everyone to get to know each other better. 

Help each other: Good neighbors are those who are always there for each other. If any of your neighbors are in a difficult situation, take time out to help them. This deed will do you good some day or the other. When you are in a spot, they will definitely be of assistance. 

Keep them informed: When a new neighbor has moved into the locality, help them out by giving necessary information about the important things in the area like shops, stores, play areas, etc. You can also add them to a neighborhood mail list whereby all the necessary information will be shared.

Keeping your neighbors happy is all about making the first move and starting a relationship that both sides work on to sustain.